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  22. From Iowa need help!
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  30. Need a MMAR Renewal & Save Money
  31. Need Doc for renewal in Tri- Cities, WA. ASAP
  32. Desperately need help finding Doctor in/near Kamloops B.C.
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  34. Do you have a funny story about your Medical Marijuana doctor?
  35. Elko NV Medical Cannibis doc
  36. Specialist in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  37. Marijuana and Epilepsy
  38. Looking for a MM Dr. in Berkshire County, MA (preferably Pittsfield)
  39. Need a Doc in Delaware
  40. Looking for a doctor in Edmonton to prescribe Medical Marijuana
  41. Dr in southern-central Ontario, Canada to sign forms
  42. Medical Marijuana Recommendations $40 New/$30 Renewals
  43. Looking for a Medical mMarijuana doctor in Spokane Washington
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  45. Help with my Legalization of Marijuana research paper
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  47. Medical Marijuana Doctor in Kamloops BC Canada
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  51. MCC Of Grand Rapids: Medical Marijuana Certification in Michigan
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  54. Seeking MMJ Doctor in Canada
  55. Looking For Info To Give Doctor
  56. looking for a Doctor to fill out medicinal marijuana
  57. Need help to find a doctor
  58. Seeking Medical Marijuana Doctor in the Windsor, ON to London, On area
  59. Looking for a Doctor in or around Vancouver, BC - Canada
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  61. Dronabinol or Nabilone in Texas?
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  65. Doctor listings by State
  66. Seeking a doctor in Ontario Canada to fill my forms for my doctor
  67. Probably can not understand what this means it.
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  69. Looking for a Doctor
  70. Medical Marijuana Authoizations in Seattle, WA
  71. If you can not get your MMAR signed ..what are your suggestions
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  73. MMA Doctor Ontario Canada, eastern Ontario
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  77. Please Help In Finding A Doctor!
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  79. Alternative Care Clinics-Southern California Medical Marijuana Evaluations
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  84. Need dr. in chatham-area for epilepsy
  85. looking for a doctor in washington
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  87. Coos Bay, OR. The new Waterfall Clinic chronic pain care policy
  88. Pain management doctors, pain and spine specialists in Arizona
  89. Good Reason to Keep Things Cool and Not Ruin It For Everyone Out There
  90. Cannabis and Kidney transplant prohibitions
  91. Tinnitus, advice on medically using Cannabis.
  92. Need a prescribing Medical Marijiuana Doctor in Portland, Maine
  93. Portland Oregon Dr for non resident?
  94. Is there a right way to bring up the subject
  95. I need a Doctor in the whitby ontario canada area
  96. Need a compassionate doctor in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
  97. Swazi Mj Dr
  98. Practicing doctors in Toronto, ON?
  99. Medical Marijuana authorization in Tacoma Washington has lifetime card $249
  100. Ontario Canada
  101. Riverside ca question doc
  102. CannaMed #1 Rated Evaluation Center in Ventura County and Licensed by the CA Medical
  103. Anyone around niagra falls canada needing doctor
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  105. Foreign student
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  108. Military medical record
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  113. Medical Question
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  120. Medical MJ
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  123. Dr Selena Eon - Best MMJ Doctor in Seattle!
  124. Will move to Maine if I can find doctor for health
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  126. Slightly Shady MMJ Doctors - Choose Wisely
  127. Need doc in London Ontario
  128. New Jackson County, Oregon Clinic Looking for Doctor
  129. Anyone Know a doctor?
  130. NORCAL HEALTH CARE inc arcata, ca
  131. Looking for a doc in London, Ontario Canada
  132. Montreal
  133. Docs in DC
  134. Canadian Seeking MMJ for Anxiety/Depression
  135. Looking for doc in San Diego
  136. New to Washington
  137. South Lake Tahoe, California
  138. Psychiatrist in San Luis Obispo
  139. Looking for a doc in winnipeg,MB
  140. Doctor available in AA, Michigan
  141. Milwaukee doc needed
  142. Getting a card in Denver, Colarado
  143. Need Dr in Spokane/Spokane Valley/Spokane County WA
  144. Trying to find a recommending physician
  145. Dr. Hanya Barth, N. CA
  146. Montana Doctor?
  147. Are there any Doctors who recomend it in Ontario or Nyssa, Oregon
  148. Looking of a Doctor
  149. Hamilton, Ontario
  150. Lookin to see if I qualify needing doctor in Alaska or over email
  151. Miserable
  152. Doctor in springfiel needed!
  153. Denver, Colorado Doctors?
  154. Looking for help in Connecticut
  155. Hep C sufferer... anyone have experience with docs support?
  156. Coos County, Oregon?
  157. Looking for Dr.'s prescribing.
  158. Seeking MMJ doc in Fairfield, CA
  159. Any Doctors in DC
  160. Anyone know of a doc in Michigan
  161. Choose your doctor wisely
  162. A bit confused about where to go
  163. Seeking Dr. in Seattle - Bellevue - Everett area
  164. Getting a Card in Canada
  165. Out of state resident looking for documentation?
  166. I need a doctor on Kauai, Hi
  167. Im trying to find doctors in Canada that will sign my forms!
  168. Oakland MMEC? Help please
  169. Medical Marijuana doctors in Rhode Island
  170. Looking for DR in London Ont or surrounding area
  171. Need doctor in Maryland
  172. Looking for doc
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  174. Texas doctors
  175. Studebakerman
  176. Please help someone in need!
  177. Are there any Doctors in Nevada?
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  179. Doctor in MN?
  180. Looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Colorado Springs
  181. I need MJ doctor
  182. Dr in SLO County Cali
  183. Anyone know of an MJ Doctor in Eastern Ontario, Canada?
  184. Lookin for a doc in Delaware
  185. Need Help in Toronto
  186. Seeking help for my son
  187. Medical Marijuana in Missouri?
  188. Hi Everyone
  189. Memphis TN
  190. Any mj docs in south Florida?
  191. Doc in MT?
  192. Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Basalt
  193. Please Help!
  194. Looking for a doctor around the
  195. Stockton, CA doctor? or nearby?
  196. In Search of a physician in the Seattle area?!
  197. Doctor in Colorado
  198. MMJ in WA
  199. Does south Florida have any Doctors? (Atlantic side, anywhere from Miami to West Palm
  200. Santa Cruz Cal. Need Med MJ doc
  201. Maine Medical Marijuana Doctors
  202. Northbay, Sudbury, Northern Ontario
  203. Med Marijuana in Maine
  204. Looking for Doctor in Toronto
  205. Any good pain doctors in NYC
  206. Any doctors in New Jersey?
  207. Eligable for MMJ? (Sacramento area)
  208. Arizona Doctor
  209. Vacaville, CA
  210. Scared docs
  211. Rhode Island forgot hippa oath, Help with Doctor please!
  212. Looking for a Doctor in Windsor, ON
  213. Gastroenterology doctor in Toronto
  214. Looking for Dr in Carson City/Reno/Tahoe area
  215. In need of pain relief
  216. THCF information (doctors)
  217. Seeking Alaska Physician MD
  218. Are there any Medical Marijuana Doctors that have had sucess with epilepsy?
  219. Leg pain?
  220. Medicann?'s
  221. Medical Marijuana for tourist
  222. Need doctor
  223. Marijuana doctors in Las Vegas
  224. Vancouver Washington Doctors? Help please
  225. Need to locate a md in tri-cities
  226. Medical MMJ for bi polar disorder?
  227. Help on finding Dr
  228. I have a law question
  229. Doctor needed for anxiety diagnosis in LAS VEGAS
  230. Spokane, WA doctors?
  231. Looking for MMJ in Wasilla or Anchorage Alaska
  232. Novice question
  233. Looking for a friendly Dr in Seattle
  234. Question for the doctors
  235. What is the process
  236. Hello
  237. Hi
  238. Question about MMJ
  239. Any MMJ Doc's in New Mexico?
  240. Goin to the Dr. today-help!
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  242. Vermont doctor?
  243. Looking for a doctor in Maryland
  244. Alaska doctors?
  245. Pretty confident I can get a rec, but I want to do it right
  246. Looking for a Doctor in the Seattle Area
  247. Looking for a Doctor in Michigan
  248. Just wondering
  249. Doctors in Rhode Island?
  250. Need Doctor in Sacramento Area - Please Help!