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  1. I need help on picking the perfect lights for my plants

    by , Today at 10:21 AM
    I need help on what kind of lights to get for my plants. I will have 22 plants total, I need to know what kind of light to get and how many watts do I need for both Veg and Flower. Now money is not the problem at all. The room that is have is 9.2 feet long, 4.8 feet wide and 7 feet high. Please somebody help me and also what would help with ants and spiders from getting on or to close to my plants. I want healthy plants.
  2. Arizer AIR

    by , Yesterday at 08:57 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by DJColonelCorn View Post
    OK, so Arizer now has the AIR, a portable vaporizer which is mainly an improvement on the Solo, another vaporizer by Arizer. It is able to use the Solo's stems and other gear.

    Ultra-compact & lightweight, easy to operate & maintain, and completely portable, the Arizer Air features a high quality ceramic heating element, high quality glass dishes, and high quality rechargeable, interchangeable lithium batteries. Offering an hour of continuous use per charge, plus the ability
  3. DIY Spectrometer, check what wavelengths your lights give out..

    by , Yesterday at 05:20 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Icemud View Post
    Hey everyone...

    I did not invent this idea but I did want to share it here at 420 Magazine, since it applies to growing. I learned how to make a Spectrometer on You Tube, but its really quite simple so I will try to explain.

    What it is:
    A spectrometer to put it quite simple, takes the light you see (sun, HPS, MH, lightbulb..whatever) and breaks it apart so that each spectrum of light is visible... When you buy a HID bulb and are looking at the spectrum charts,
  4. Dutty Panty how to soak seeds in Clonex Solution

    by , Yesterday at 11:29 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Dutty Panty View Post
    Thanks man.

    So seed #1 has soaked in special sauce all night. I'll I used in the soak was 5ml of clonex solution to 80 ml of ph balanced water. So 16:1 ratio.
  5. Help Rapidly dying plants!

    by , 01-24-2015 at 08:37 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by paul keating View Post
    Hey scribble,
    I wouldn't know if the soap would of affected the PH or not, but it would be a good idea to get that PH down. I think about 6.5 is the right level, but no more than 7 ( or lower than 6). The girls look pretty good otherwise, so get that PH down and they should be fine.
    It's a mess. Ever thought I would run into ph issues in soil ! They look better after the flush .... My meter reads 7.5 even in dis tiled water and in my bagged soil so not even sure if the meter ...
  6. Seeds - Female or Male - Can You Tell The Difference?

    by , 01-24-2015 at 03:09 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Truth Seeker View Post
    I recently came across this image when I was doing some photo browsing and I wondered what everyone's input might be on this theory?

    Thank you in advance for your input.

  7. Dyold Spider Mites killer

    by , 01-24-2015 at 02:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Dyold View Post
    Get Doktor Dooms Organic Bug Fogger, they work PERIOD. if your unfamiliar with the product. I used it this in my room of 30 Ladies and it took care of the problem the first fogger, I did follow the directions and shake well before you use, I also shot some of the fog under my plants canopy as I exited the room then just set the fogger down and immediately exited the room. Don't breath the vapors and please follow directions
  8. Cannafan's Trichome video

    by , 01-24-2015 at 02:45 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cannafan View Post
    I saw this video on GreatLife4all's thread, I thought it was too cute to pass up and gives us really clear examples of trichomes:
    Trichomes - YouTube
  9. GreenThumb J's transplant seeds, pot size, lights in rockwool

    by , 01-24-2015 at 11:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Greenthumb J View Post
    Okay.. time to break it all down for anyone that wants to know my exact methods.

    Firstly, Skybound is correct, we are growing in a recirculating top feed system, thats coined "Capn-style" here on 420. But its much more than just an RTF system, so i will explain from start to finish how i grow with this method.

    Firstly, the rockwool I use is Grodan grow cubes, not the chunks. The cubes measure 1cmx1cmx1cm, and the chunks are a bit bigger. I buy it
  10. double berry

    by , 01-24-2015 at 07:10 AM
    what height does double berry grow to,thankd
  11. Relaxed's Outdoor Medical Grow - 2015

    by , 01-24-2015 at 04:30 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Relaxed Lester View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by B A R View Post
    I've been using rockwool cubes. Can you explain your method of cloning? What I meant is they do take off but nearly everything turns yellow prior to the new growth.
    If they turn yellow prior to the new growth, then it's probably because the rockwool does not really carry any nutrients, it's merely a medium that holds water so it can root. After it roots, it's time to play ball. Since I use peat moss , there is a little bit of added nutrients for the cutting, but sometimes it's not
  12. Washington: Growers Struggle With Glut Of Legal Pot

    by , 01-23-2015 at 01:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by hempaz View Post
    As more and more supply hits the market, especially from the native tribes, the capacity of the market to absorb the increased volume of buds diminishes. Hence, the precipitous drop in price per gram. The only solution is to distill the buds like cheese and create a portable wax that can be offered at a margin. Dweeb is following the price of oil into the abyss because the law of supply and demand dictates that it be so. As the native tribes scale, and we are talking mucho, mucho scale here people
    Tags: dweeb, gold, grams
  13. Green Dreamz - Multi-Strain - Multi-Media - Multi-LED - Grow

    by , 01-22-2015 at 09:40 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by jinn View Post
    The safest is the bubble bags/ice water,
    followed by dry ice (only dangerous if you touch it with your bareskin)
    butter making
    then co2 extraction
    alcohol methods (various)
    and finally BHO

    Dry ice is the least labor intensive, and its yield and quality is dependent on the screen you choose.
    Bubble bags are quite a work out especially if you don't have a mixer/drill, but yield very well and have multiple "settings" so to speak for
  14. master kush grow

    by , 01-22-2015 at 08:45 PM
    Hello , can anyone tell me how to upload pics .I have them in the gallery but can't upload to blog or forums.any help would be appreciated.
  15. How is Russian lighting market

    by , 01-22-2015 at 07:07 PM
    Russian government are highly support the “green energy” industry, several key initiatives, including the “Strategy 2020″, “Document No. 229,” published by Ministry of Economic Development in 2014 and “Paper No. 155″, the LED products clearly stated in the “National or municipal building “must occupy a certain proportional,coupled with the Russian government comprehensively banned incandescent in 2014, all of which will accelerate ...
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