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by , 01-23-2014 at 08:36 PM (159 Views)
Well i'm into my first grow. Have 6 in total flowering.And 5 vegging.

Temps are running at 80 during the day and 70 at night with a humidity of 25% in the flowering room. About the same in the veg with humidity running about 35% Flowering room has a 600 watt HPS in it. Veg has 4 cfl lights 2 300 watt 2 125 watt along with 2 t8 floresents on the side walls Veg is a 4by4 by 7foot tall space.Flower 5by7 by 8 foot tall feeding with General Hydro 2 part mix.

This is my first post so the more i get the hang of this the more i will post and hopefully get some pics up. Like i said though this is my first grow no professional so please be kind with your words.


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    I have had a couple of funky grows.
    Currently starting to get it together.

    I was growing Scrog method until I had a bad case of root rot.
    Hydroponic growing the (reservoir got hot.)
    I added a A/C and a water chiller and went to a single plant super crop type grow.

    Don't worry about being a newbie.
    I've had some sad loses.

    Follow the Capt'N he gives good advice.