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Ralph Del Mon

Spider Mite Experiment

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by , 01-23-2014 at 09:36 PM (161 Views)
I'm kind of a fan of responsible experimentation and have recently been confronted with spider mites. I have access to diatomaceous earth which I understand a good dusting will put the buggers on their heels somewhat and am ordering the SNS formulation. In looking at the MSDS for the product the idea I came up with was to take rosemary, a bit of extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of dawn dish liquid. I have put the rosemary in good old Mr. Coffee with no filter and have run the process twice so far. Smells great, the dogs don't seem to mind and I think I'm coppin' a buzz myself,(aroma therapy). The plan is to mix this, put in the spritzer bottle and give the worst girl a bath. Has anybody ever tried anything like this and how will my coffee taste in the morning? Stay tuned, Ralph


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    Waiting patiently for you results?
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    Update on the spider mite concoction: I applied it this morning at 10 and just checked on the girls at 1054pm. They appear to be doing fine and the nasty little buggers that were still on the underneath side of the leaves appeared to be belly up under the magnifier. No response or movement when prodded with the tip of a needle. Eggs were still visable and whether or not the mix has done anything to them remains to be seen. Application was with the spray bottle and a cupped hand around each stem, with a liberal application to cover the bottom and upper sides of the leaves. The recipe for the mix is as follows: 3/4 ounce of fresh (?) rosemary on the stem from WallyWorld and that was a couple bucks. A teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to get the liquid to adhere to the leaves and a quarter teaspoon of like dawn dish detergent for shits and giggles. Put the rosemary in your coffee maker and don't use a filter. Mine is a 12 cup. Run the water mix thru' twice and you should have something that looks like suntea. Allow to cool overnight with your rosemary stems and leaves in the same pitcher. Add the detergent and olive oil, put in your sprayer and shake well before using. It seems to have worked up to this point for me but don't do it to your plants if you have any concerns. I'll keep ya' posted. Ralph
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    P.S My coffee tasted fine this morning. Ralph