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Weed monster

Need help

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by , 02-17-2014 at 10:56 PM (102 Views)
Hi I'm close to getting all the things I need to grow my first crop EVER! So excited!lol..I got a few questions though

1. Can my grow room be made out of wood?
2. Is 400w enough to grow 6 plants in a space of approx 1m2
3. Can I use both mh and hps during veg stage?

I got lots more these are the main ones


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    Follow the Capt'n.

    I plant one plant trained for maximum yield.
    76 - 79 Air
    68 - 70 water (water chillers speaking hydroponics)
    I have 1 x 400w for One big plant veg/flower both bulbs.