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Interesting After Noon and Evening.

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by , 02-19-2014 at 05:19 AM (137 Views)
So check this out. Im sitting in my garage office playing an online poker tournement when theres a knock on my garage door. When I open the garage door it this guy that I kinda know. Hes been to my house lots of times and we have conducted buisness on a few occations. But Ive never been to his house I dont even know where he lives,just a general vacinaty of his neiborhood. Well as it turns out,him and his wife are leaveing to move to Tennissee. After him and his wife and my self greet each other, he say I have to go to my truck for a second. When he returns he hands me a 16X10X11 cardboard box and says do you want this.I say what is it .He says open it up.I do and find pot. I look at him and say sorry man Im broke.I was thinking he was trying to get more money for his trip.He says no man Im giving you that for all the time you did me right. He says the way you do buisness I dont know how you make it.You give so much stuff away and let people slide all the time. So I droped by on my way out of town to give you this and to say thanks for the treating like a friend when you dont realy know me and I apperciate all the times you help me when I was short on cash or just needed to get high.And then he and his wife hugged me and we walked out to there truck. I told him to give me a call when he gets settled, and if need be I would seen him what ever he needed if I was able. We waved good bye and they were off. I walk back in my garage and close the garage door. Went in my office and opened the box to take a better look. Theres three bags 1- Bubba Kush 1- Fire O.G. and 1- Skywalker O.G. AAA buds for a total weight of get this 27 ozs did you get that 27 ozs I started to cry I could not believe it. Thats just gos to show, that sometimes being nice to people is more than just its own reward. TOAST


  1. yooper rex's Avatar
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    Karma at it`s finest.
    Congrats bro.
  2. uptheholler's Avatar
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    Toast Buddy after the week you had....what did I tell you? Just keep pluggin away!! It's true good things happen to good people!
  3. Ralph Del Mon's Avatar
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    See how the world works mate? The earth spins at something like 1710 mph and it takes on the order of 365 days to orbit the sun. IT'S ALL GOOD. Ralph