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Wind Fall

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by , 02-20-2014 at 03:49 AM (98 Views)
If you read Interesting Afternoon and Evening then you know about the Wind Fall. So last night I took 2ozs from each bag and add two ozs of my Purple Kush and made BHO Wax. I bubbled it out at 105 degrees. Then muffin topped several times until it calaped back in on its self. Then revacced and let set at 105 for right at 16 hours. We've all heard people say " This is the best shit Ive ever smoked" I hear all the time. Well let me tell you (LOL) this is the best shit I have ever smoked.Seriously my girl friend scooped a little out of the glass cake pan, before I perged it, and did a hit in the glass wax bong while I was cleaning up. She says to me "You realy need to try this" as she was taking her second hit (Not perged and no caugh). When the first hit, hit shes going on and on about how good it smells and tastes. As I open the door from the kitchen where I was cleaning up to the garage she standing there holding on to the cabnet next to the door and says can you help me to the bedroom I need to lay down.(LMAO) Any way after I got done cleaning up, I went out and did one hit. Walked in the bedroom and said " Are you feeling ok I didnt get that High" and went back in the garage. Well in about 7 mins. I cant even begin to tell you, I was lite like a motherfucker.Now I am 60 years old. I have been smokin sence I was 13 years old.Ive smoked Humbolt Skunk,Thi sticks ,Thunderfuck,Panama Red, Gold Colombian,Acupco Gold,Oaxaca Gold spears, Mowie,Kona,Moroccan Primo Hashish,Black Afagani Hashish,and most of the newer strains of today, and I can tell you the only thing in my life that got me higher,(But not as much fun as this was) was some Budda Thi dipped in Opium that my brother brought back from Nam. THis wax is such a great, clear, uplifting,Gigantic smile on your face, BUZZ. that I got no my Phone (LIke an Idiot) and called every one I know in the middle of the night to tell them.LOL Man some of them wernt happy.BUT THEY WILL BE.HA HA HA. Any way if the guy that kicked me down is reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH. TOAST
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    Toast sounds like the stuff is not for amateurs!!! Ha! Have fun! I have never done that I'm always afraid of screwing it up. Good job!