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  1. History: The Mysterious History of "Marijuana" - "Cannabis" to "Marijuana"

    This is about how we came to call Cannabis "Marijuana", and the role Mexico played in the name.
    I have no opinion of the Authors' opinions or supposed facts, I just felt it thought provoking

    The Mysterious History Of 'Marijuana'

    Soure: The Mysterious History Of 'Marijuana' : Code Switch : NPR

    July 22, 201311:46 AM ET

    We've decided to take a weekly look at a word or phrase that's caught our attention, ...
    Cannabis in History
  2. Canada: Potential National Marijuana Legislation To Be Voted On In Spring 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Katelyn Baker View Post
    Following a history of prohibition and criminalization since 1923, the legalization of marijuana will soon be brought to a vote in Canada. The Liberal government will be announcing their new legislation in the spring of 2017, in line with their current platform.

    A nine-member task force of experts was formed to advise the Canadian government on how to best move forward with its plan to legalize marijuana. The Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation has engaged with the public,
  3. History: 10,000-year History of Marijuana use in the World

    by , Yesterday at 04:53 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)
    Obtained from Advanced Holistic Health .org

    There are several videos with this original article. I may add them here as I view them. This is found at numerous internet sites, so I really don't know where it appeared first.

    10,000-year History of Marijuana use in the World

    8,000+ BCE Use of hemp cord in pottery identified at ancient village site dating back over 10,000 years, located in the area of modern day Taiwan. Finding hemp use and cultivation ...
    Cannabis in History
  4. seedling help

    so i got some seeds from a friend i germinated them via the paper towel method and once they popped i immediately planted the soil i have is from a farm feild nearby where they grow corn and soy. ive tried this once before and the seed i planted sproutedd.i currently have them in three pots under two cfl bulbs i got from dollar tree because money is tight. also im growing inside an old cabinet but the walls are cover with tin foil for light reflection and i drilled holes in the top for ...
  5. History - Lecture on The Rise & Demise of the Victorian Wonder-drug - Cannabis

    by , 10-22-2016 at 04:49 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)
    You can read this lecture and/or download video, with links in it's entirety here:

    Cannabis Britannica: The rise and demise of a Victorian wonder-drug

    18 March 2013

    Cannabis Britannica:
    The Rise and Demise of the
    Victorian Wonder-drug

    Professor James Mills

    There was little awareness of the medicinal and intoxicating properties of cannabis in Britain before the nineteenth-century. Varieties of the cannabis ...
    Cannabis in History
  6. Incredible Bulk Greenhouse Grow - part 2

    Little blighter is getting leggy. Has stretched up an inch. Weather has been overcast and rainy so it's getting a little eager for more light. Considering a LED with a switch controlled by a solar light sensor (turns on when it gets darkish). Materials for SCRoG to be purchased and setup tomorrow.
  7. Perpetual Grow Among Other Things!

    So it's official. I am a legal caretaker for myself and another now. So I can run twice as many of everything... Yahoo... But wait wait... Where do I plan to put all those extra's? oh yah I haven't built that yet.... Soon! I am excited.... Want it to start today... A lot of work to do before then... Stay tuned!

    Overall Grow!
  8. Another Brix In The Wall - Weenmeoff's 1st DBHBB Grow

    Quote Originally Posted by weenmeoff View Post
    Hey rad! As soon as my 1st harvest drys, I'll have a whole extra 4X4 tent but at the same time I don't really have room for it inside which is where the veg/soon to be bloom tent must go because it's getting cold in the garage. Stuff I need to think about. Even the 4 big ones alone is too much for the 4X4, DOH!

    Just game em a good brixing. I made up this cheat sheet to refer to and am wondering if someone can look it over to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.
  9. Interesting laws on marijuana edibles

    Turns out that in Texas a single marijuana brownie could land you with a 2nd degree felony--minimum 2 years in prison. Two reasons why this happens. One is that THC extracts from marijuana plants are considered a different controlled substance in Texas, as shown in this article. In this category of illegal substance, the weight ranges of the drugs result in greater penalties than the marijuana group. Second, and probably more serious, reason is that "adulterants" are INCLUDED in the weight ...
  10. Rookie Mistakes Keep On Coming!

    So the last three plants I harvested on tricomes.. I think that wasn't actually what I am going to do going forward. Or shoot for a hell of a lot more amber. The last three are great smoke but should have fattened up a lot more. Yes they did have hiccups along the way. but not that bad. I have some idea's and hopefully that error won't happen again. For one thing I am going to double up on the Bulletproof Si going forward to knock out that potassium deficiency ( has to be) going forward. And I will ...
    Overall Grow!
  11. The Perpetual Healing Garden - SweetSue's Joyful Return

    Quote Originally Posted by Canna Montana View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Habitual View Post
    Nice thread I dont smoke but love medibles. I use this to strain oil, cream, butter. presses the material dry, clean less waste.

    Quote Originally Posted by SweetSue View Post

    Magical Butter 2

    Quite frankly, the Magical Butter 2 machine takes much of the heavy work out of making oils and butters. Toss it all in, turn it on and walk away. Believe me,
  12. OH: Troy Residents Debate Medical Marijuana At City Hearing

    Quote Originally Posted by Katelyn Baker View Post
    Troy, Ohio – Medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio, but a number of local cities are saying not so fast.

    The city of Troy is the latest to hold a public hearing on the issue.

    Monday night residents on both sides came out to get their voices heard. One woman claimed marijuana is a gateway drug and the city should ban it. Two other women, disagreed and said it’s a medical necessity.

    “Every day is a struggle for me to simply get out of bed. A shower is a painful
  13. History: Conclusions of the La Guardia Committee on MJ problems in NY 1944

    by , 10-18-2016 at 06:51 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)
    The full report from the committee dated 1944 can be found here:
    La Guardia Committee Report - Table of Contents

    The LaGuardia Report - Sociological Study


    From the foregoing study the following conclusions are drawn:

    1. Marihuana is used extensively in the Borough of Manhattan but the problem is not as acute as it is reported to be in other sections of the United States.

    2. The introduction of ...
    Cannabis in History
  14. History: 1944 La Guardia Committee report Chapter on MJ and school children

    by , 10-18-2016 at 06:35 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)

    The LaGuardia Committee Report on Marijuana 1944


    Marihuana and School Children

    One of the most serious accusations leveled against marihuana by special feature writers has been that it is widely used by the school children of this nation. These authors have claimed that it has so detrimental an effect on development that it is a major factor in juvenile delinquency. This phase of the marihuana problem was deemed serious enough to merit ...
    Cannabis in History
  15. History: Chapter from The La Guardia Committee Report on MJ problem in NY 1944

    by , 10-18-2016 at 06:13 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)
    This is one chapter of an extensive report from 1944 by the La Guardia Committee. It concentrates on the mental attitudes of marijuana smokers with society. I will post more as I find them, hopefully getting them organized for easy reference and reading.

    For the full report you can read it here:

    La Guardia Committee Report - Table of Contents

    The LaGuardia Committee Report on Marihuana

    The Mental Attitude of the Marihuana Smoker Toward ...
    Cannabis in History
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