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Thread: Powder and milk!

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    Powder and milk!

    I have 12 white widow ladies. They are 7 weeks into flower and looking good. I use a line of foxfarm ferts. and have had no problems so far. I do have a little problem with powder mildew. I was using a mix of neem oil and water to spray them down with and I was told that after 5 weeks into flower with cont. use of neem it will change the flavor. I have since been using a 1/9 milk mixture.. will the milk also change the flavor?? Any suggestions??

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    Re: Powder and milk!

    I have used garlic tea on my widows with the same mildew problem while about 3 weeks into flowering. Worked well, and no chemicals. Chop up about five cloves of garlic, then boil for about five minutes in a small pot, strain and add 1 drop of soap then spray on leaves. You can dilute with a little more Ph'd water if you need to. You can try on one leaf first just to test the waters.

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    Re: Powder and milk!

    I actually was just reading about the benefits of using milk as a foliar spray...but mainly it is used to help rid off PM...people mention you want to use it at a 1:10 ratio with R/O or distilled water.. I've never done it, or dealt with PM myself (knock on wood) but I have read in multiple places online that people say it works.