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Thread: What are you feeding your plants?

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    What are you feeding your plants?

    I'd like to start a thread where averyone can share their nutrient programs for others to see and learn from.

    Useful info would include:

    Tap/Distilled/RO water?
    Soil Type?
    Pot size?
    Veg Program:
    Bloom Program:

    A current pic of your grow


    McBudz current program:
    2x 600 watt Hortilux Super HPS
    Soil (FFOF)
    RO Water (merlin garden pro)
    5 gallon buckets
    White Widow

    Every Other Watering-
    I use Age Old Organics "Grow" 13ml per gallon after 1.5 weeks or 3 full nodes
    Cal-Mag+ 5ml per gallon
    FF Big Bloom 30 ml per gallon

    Every Watering
    FF Tiger Bloom 9ml per gallon
    Cal-Mag+ 5ml per gallon
    Canna PK13/14 5ml per gallon 4th,3rd,2nd week before harvest.
    Supernatural Stay-Green 5ml per liter foliar spray 2 times per week week 3,4,5 of flowering.

    Current Flowering pic approx. 3 weeks before harvest:

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    they look so beautiful...

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    soil 5 gal buckets white widow 400 MH?HPS

    don't foliar feed on cheap bastard i'm broke program
    once a week old well diluted pee and compost tea

    if i can finfd it alaska mor bloom during flower twice a week

    will be getting fox farm nutes soon as and on 2nd or 3rd use of
    same dirt and 2nd reveg most plants will add old leaves and more compost if a thaw comes soon so i can dig outside and roast the stuff in a metal pan in the oven [ kills most bug larva and weed seeds in yard dirt] swedish studies on pee recycling show pee can replace 80% of mineral fertilizers and competitive costs for food farmers...... compost teais a great organic also

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    1000w mh veg
    2k watt hps flwrg

    waterfarms/top drip


    tap water ph adjusted

    was using gh, have switched to BOTANICARE: POWER GROW AND BLOOM, liquid karma, cal mag. Hygrozyme.

    last grow BLUEBERRY USING GH SERIES: however, doing everthing i thought was right, the plants developed nicely, bloomed, but it wsa prolonged, took about 12 weeks to close to maturity, this aint right, but had HUUUUUGE colas. Started having problems, mites, mold.

    Had to take em down last night, the bud seems unpotent, smells like wet alfalfa, and very very unhappy. Wish i knew what to do! Have to run BB again , but will probably switch strains next time, just to sensitive and vulnerable.

    I had mold even at 37% humidity.
    well ventilated or so I thought!

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    (3) 600 watt Hortilux Super HPS on digital Lumatek Ballasts
    (1) 400 watt Hortilux Super HPS on Magnetic Ballast
    (1) 400 watt MH on Magnetic Ballast (for my mothers)

    All 4 HPS lights are in the flowering room and are vented together using a 600CFM fan to pull air in from outside through the lights and out into the basement.

    *Using the Cap Ebb & Gro Hydroponic System
    *Using Ph adjusted Tap water (85 PPM)
    *Pot sizes are 2 gallon
    *Using a Carbon Can filter 100 with a 835 CFM fan which recirculates the air within the room.
    *Using Flora series Tri pack Micro/Gro/Bloom ( I follow the feeding chart)
    *I use diamond nectar at 1/2 strength because it's so UNconcentrated!
    *I use floralicioius Plus throughout the grow
    *I start Liquid Kool Bloom 2 weeks into flowering
    *I replace my nutrients every week
    *I flush my plants 1 week at the end of the grow.

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    Northern Lights
    25% perlite
    25% compost
    50% potting soil
    1gal pots for veg
    3gal pots for flowering
    I use Fox Farms Grow Big & Big Bloom for veg
    1/2 tsp GB/gallon
    1/2Tbls BB/gallon
    I use this mixture for every watering, and it doesn't seem to cause nute burn except for in young plants

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    ^ Lookin good bud.

    Consider adding 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of epsom salt to your water or going with some cal-mag. Looks like a touch of magnesium deficiency. A little epsom and those tops will darken up.

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    OK, I have been working with my soils... so here we go..
    Flowering room, 1 600 watt digital ballast hort HPS, 1 400 HPS magnetic ballast, and another 400 for back up and veg (if needed) Veg Room-1 Procyon 100 and some CFL's

    Veg soil= ocean forrest, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss,dolomite lime,worm castings,Peruvian sea bird guano, peace of mind general purpose 5-5-5, and age old dry grow. Start out in a dixie cup and work up to 3 gal.
    Veg feedings. age old fish&kelp, fish emulsion, sea weed, grow big, age old grow. They get feed something every time. They get flushed wit H20 before the go into flowering.

    Flowering soil- Ocean forrest, verm,peace of mind bat guano, AO dry bloom, AO dry fruit 2-10-20, Peruvian sea bird guano ( again), dry kelp meal,
    Flowering feedings- Age old bloom, Budswell, Tiger Bloom Big Bloom, big bloom, cha ching, liquid Iron ( trace elements) and Molasses.... There may be more, just to lazy to look under the sink.. I have been trying out different ratios with the soils, so don't ask me to break it down....

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    Thanks to those who've posted and keep 'em coming!

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    Bendogg’s Personal Grow

    Lights: Veg: T12 shoplights for clones, T5 blue lights for early veg; 2 600 Hortilux Metal Halides late veg; Bloom: 6 1,000 watt Hortilux HPS & supplemental T5s
    Run on Quantum ballasts
    Hydro: Rockwool, Grodan Hugos on top of coco mats.
    R/O water
    Flood and Drain
    CEA room with air conditioner, air cooled lights, supplemental CO2 at about 1000-1200 PPMs
    Kush Bubba; Sour O.G.; Tahoe O.G.; White Widow

    Veg Program: Once a day
    SuperNutrients Veg A & B (SuperNutrients)
    Superthrive: early veg
    Vitamax Plus (Grotek): late veg
    Sweet Citrus (Botanicare) late veg
    Roots Exelurator (House & Garden): early veg
    Cal-Mag Plus (Botanicare)
    Pro-Silicate (Grotek)
    FlavorFul Fulvic Acid (Humbolt Nutrients)
    Great White beneficials

    Veg Foliar feed: 2 or 3 times a week
    Seaplex, Calplex, Huvega, (Organicare); FlavorFul Fulvic Acid (Humbolt Nutrients); FoliOrganic Veg; Saturator (Dutch Masters); and occasionally Pro-Silicate (Grotek) and Insta-Green (Grotek)

    Bloom Program: Once a day. A lot of things used at , , and strength.
    SuperNutrients Bloom A & B (SuperNutrients)
    Bloom Boosters: Bud Ignitor early bloom, Big Bud mid bloom, Overdrive late bloom (Advanced Nutrients)
    Vitamax Plus (Grotek)
    Sweet Citrus (Botanicare)
    Cal-Mag Plus (Botanicare)
    Pro-Silicate (Grotek)
    FlavorFul Fulvic Acid (Humbolt Nutrients)
    CarboLoad (Advanced Nutrients): Mid to late bloom
    Whole Foods brand molasses: Mid to late bloom
    Great White beneficials
    Final Phase flushing agent (Advanced Nutrients): pre-harvest flush

    Bloom Foliar feed: 2 or 3 times a week until about week 4
    Seaplex, for first week only; Calplex, Huvega, (Organicare); FlavorFul Fulvic Acid (Humbolt Nutrients); FoliOrganic Bloom; Saturator (Dutch Masters); and occasionally Pro-Silicate (Grotek)

    One week prior to harvest light FlavorFul Fulvic Acid and Saturator spray.

    No pics… sorry. I want to go get a digital camera. Sounds like fun…

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    Re: What are you feeding your plants?

    • Lights? - Grolux/sylvania 400w dual spectrum & 125w 6400k CFL for veg
    • Soil/Hydro? - Soil.
    • Tap/Distilled/RO water? - Tap.
    • Soil Type? - Biobizz All Mix.
    • Pot size? - 6 litre air pot.
    • NFT/Ebb&flow/DWC/Drip/Aero? - N/A.
    • Strain? - Nirvana - Bubblelicious.
    • Veg Program: - 125w 6400k CFL 18/6 for 6 to 8 weeks - Biobizz fish mix, bio heaven.
    • Bloom Program: - Diminshing light routine - Biobizz fish mix, bio heaven, bio bloom, top max & alg-a-mic.

    Nearly 2 weeks into flowering.