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Thread: Denver 420 Festival

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    Denver 420 Festival

    I got this email yesterday from an aquaintance:

    I've always loved the smell of marijuana smoke and my 420 Festival provides all the olfactory pleasures I can handle. Seeing how this year is the first year marijuana has been legal in Denver during one of my events I knew there would be more than enough pot smokers to fill the the air with that sweet pungent smoke.

    With megaphone in hand, bottled water in my jacket pockets, and a shitload of weed, I arrived early to get the party started with a few herbs. The cops hadn't shown up yet but it was a sure bet so I gave out a few bags of my medicine to have it passed out to my medical patients should they arrive.

    Within 15 minutes of my arrival there was a small fight break out so the police showed their numbers by surrounding the entire Civic Center Park. I asked if they're going to cause us any trouble but they assured me that they were there just to maintain the peace and not to hassle the participants. During the entire festival they kept true to their word and no one that didn't go up to them and smoke in their faces was even bothered.

    The atmosphere was calm and very (very, very) relaxed; people playing guitars in several locations and about 200 people playing hacky sack. There were many that brought their blankets and most had plenty of stoner food and drinks for those that absolutly had to have a drink of water. The initial crowds set the tone for the entire event; even the local crazies that hung out in the park as a lifestyle were mellow and enjoying the aromas of Skunk, Blueberry, White Wodow and many other delightful tastes and aromas.

    The press started showing up around 2pm. I did video interviews for two major TV networks and another 5 interviews for different newspapers. My message was clear: We have the numbers to take over this state and have proved it twice; once with the medical marijuana law being passed statewide and again with the outright legalization of marijuana in Denver. I warned politicians that an opposition to marijuana will lead to their political demise I also let them know that marijuana is linked to evolution itself and that we consider our opposition to be a lower life forms. The phrase for the day was "Fuck the Monkeys". That nights television reports vaugly mentioned that some pot smokers had been out in the park. Nothing unusual for the press but this Festival was huge!

    The crowds started to get really thick around 3:30. The haze started to fill the park in ernest now and the anticipation to the final countdown began at the central gathering point about 4:00 pm. Right as the crowds started gathering I had those that wanted to speak use the bull horn that was available for all those that wished to express their bliss on this fine day. We got a few roars from the smokers with different comments about the government but everyone was waiting fot the countdown.

    I finally counted down the last twenty seconds to the magic moment and a ear deafening cheer came from the thousands of people that had been waiting for this religeous/political event to culminate.We all lit up and as you can see from the pictures, one or more of the Gods beamed light upon our gathering in approval.

    Long live marijuana and Fuck the Monkeys!

    Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. - Buddha

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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    I was there!

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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    Thats so awesome, the description is really deep.

    I think I might try to get to that festival one of these days.
    " is time now we stopped blinding ourselves with our narrow-minded bigotry and start, as the hippy jargon of the Swinging Sixties would have put it, to get 'get real'."
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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    Yah it was sweet, i was there too. Happens every year, but this year was especially cool cause they just legalized it in Denver law.

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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    wait a second where is this again?
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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    great email/article from your friend Mr. Pinch sounded like a hell of a time.

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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    That is a very intersting and cool thing man sounds like a fun time and sounds like it needs to happen here!

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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    I warned politicians that an opposition to marijuana will lead to their political demise I also let them know that marijuana is linked to evolution itself and that we consider our opposition to be a lower life forms. The phrase for the day was "Fuck the Monkeys".
    Wow, this really isn't what we want for the movement.
    Seriously, considering the opposition to be a lower life form is just silly. The government has been able to make it so only fanatics can lead our movement.
    This is why I respect Marc Emery, and all other non-fanatical advocates of legalization (that includes you Rob): they make us look intelligent, not insane.

    Thankfully, I think that the Denver 420 Festival only helps the cause, in spite of what the fringe fanatics may say.

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    Re: Denver 420 Festival

    It's legal in Denver under city ordinances, but is still illegal under state law and, of course, federally. I think I remember the governor or someone saying recently that they encouraged all Denver officers to enforce the state's laws over the city's, but I guess it's just a question of what officer you run into. All I know is, I wouldn't walk down the street in downtown Denver with a J in my mouth, and I don't suggest anyone else do either.
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