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Thread: AgroMax 600w Hybrid. Thoughts?

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    AgroMax 600w Hybrid. Thoughts?

    I was looking at this bulb, and I can't find anything about it (review wise anyway).

    High Tech Garden Supply

    The AgroMax HYBRID Mixed Arc Tube lamp incorporates BOTH a High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide in the SAME BULB! The AgroMax HYBRID bulb uses a high output 300 watt HPS arc tube with a spectrally enhanced 6500K "DAYLIGHT SUPER BLUE" 300 watt MH arc tube which combine to create the BEST SPECTRUM for plant growth
    Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

    For a small grow with a dimmable ballast, would this bulb be worth it?

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    Re: AgroMax 600w Hybrid. Thoughts?

    I think you would be better off with a a 600W HPS and buy a conversion bulb. Id rather have 600w of MH and then 600W of HPS..not 300 of each. but thats me

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    Re: AgroMax 600w Hybrid. Thoughts?

    I'll bet that thing gets hot.
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    Re: AgroMax 600w Hybrid. Thoughts?

    I have done it in a 400 watt Dual arc and the results are better then 430 SHPS or a 400 watt veg. You can veg and flower just set time difference. It also produces natural fall colors in the leafs and will do this after 3 weeks. check out my link below you will see what it can do . G-13 BUDS under Full Spectrum HID
    I went to a 600watt dual arc because it is double the lumen's then 400 with just a little increase in temp 1-2c add co2 and you will see more performance