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Thread: Sylvania 120w spot gro bulb

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    Sylvania 120w spot gro bulb

    This light was just put in place and the light meter went off the roof. A whole lot better than I hoped since the sylvania 150w HPS requires a ballast which I cant afford much less build one. I switched over from the flurs which its peak was 200 lums to the spot grow which 2000 lums and up! the bulb was no more than 8 bucks and fits in a "lizard lamp" no more than $20 if I can remember correctly (the black clamp lamp you usually see in pet shops) I have no idea about its spectrum; it doesn't say, but as long as its for indoor growing it is better to use this than the flurs which are not meant for growing "exactly"
    (shop lights). One other bonus is that its not really bright at all compared to flurs and other high powered lights!

    any reviews from anyone that has happened to use this product? Feedback would be appreciated.

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    Re: Sylvania 120w spot gro bulb

    my first grow was a "test grow" so to speak, using about 9 of those (LOL). Start to finish.

    It worked. But that's a relative term. The plants stretched like crazy. Looked more like corn that weed....but it did work and I harvested some decent bud from the deal.

    temp was a little high, around 80-85 degrees with a window AC unit.

    They aren't the model of efficiency, but do work in a pinch. Since the success of that "test", I upgraded to 2x600w HIDs and we'll see how much difference it makes