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Thread: Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

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    Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

    unsurpassed plant growth, resin, potency and yields with incredible aromatics and taste.

    requires close monitoring of ph and ppm levels and total reliance on constant electricity.

    Author: MisterIto

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    re: Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

    Basically there are two types of aero

    1. Low Pressure Aero= drip/spray bars/DWC using low pressure submersible pumps or drip heads
    2. High Pressure Aero= atomized mist heads and high pressure pump with external reservoir

    LPA is simple to assemble, but it provides the potential for huge problems. Roots do not respond well when wet 24/7. They develop the same problems as over-watering plants in soil/less mediums- root rot.

    Roots grow as deep as the plant is tall. Most aero trays or NFT (tubes) have neither the volume nor the depth needed for proper root development. By the time the plants are fully grown and ready to flip, the trays (or tubes) are already clogged with roots.

    During bloom, new roots develop specifically to feed the bud sites. Without sufficient room for them to develop properly, the buds cannot get the full benefit of the bloom nutrients.

    Another problem with LPA is the amount of nutes it requires. High ppms are needed to compensate for the starving plants. Most DWC growers recycle their nutes. OK in veg, but not in flower, as the entire chemistry/hormones of the plant changes to accommodate developing buds. By week 3, LPA growers will begin to see signs of toxicity that are often mistaken as nute deficiencies.

    HPA is more scientific or technical. Once it is set up daily maintenance of the external reservoir is required to check pH, and to replenish consumed or evaporated nutes.

    Roots are fed using a high pressure (50+ psi) which forces the nutrients through mist heads that are sized to atomize the nutrients (40-80 micron). Think damp fog. This makes the nutrient easy for the roots to consume.

    Ideal feed times are less than 2 seconds with 2-3 minute pauses- 24/7.


    High Pressure Pump ($90)
    Atomized mist heads @< $5
    Deep Cycle Timer (<$150)
    Reservoir (I use a large kitty litter container).

    A deep cycle timer is necessary to provide short feed cycles.

    The main complaint with HPA is if electricity fails you can lose a crop, but that is true of any DWC/Aero system. The problem with soil/less mixes is again you need large containers which minimizes how many you can fit under a light. Small containers act just ad DWC/LPA - not enough room for proper root development.

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    re: Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

    what is an aeroflo considered, LPA, or HPA?

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    re: Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

    I hope my electricity never goes out!

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    re: Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

    Use a UPS. It's cheap insurance. It will keep your pump running for a long time if the electricity goes out. Since the pump is only on 1 minute every 5 minutes, or whatever you have the timer set for, it isn't pulling much.

    Something like this:
    CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1500AVRLCD 1500VA UPS CP1500AVRLCD - Buy Cyberpower Power Equipment Devices |

    It won't run your lights, but in a power outage with hydro, the pump is the most important part to keep the ladies alive.
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    re: Why Should I Grow Using Aeroponics?

    Never tried aeroponics cause always worried about power. Thought I needed a generator and didn't want to mess with that. The UPS idea is fantastic. Might have to give this one a try now. Thanx Big Perm.