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Thread: Soiles Grow - Growing in Peat Moss

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    Soiles Grow - Growing in Peat Moss

    Does any one has tried growing in nothing else but Peat moss in the pot?



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    Re: Soiles Grow - Growing in Peat Moss

    I am new to this place, but i have done lots of research and am a fellow grower... Peat moss is usually very acidic (3-5.5PH) depending on when and where it is taken from(look on bag or check manufactures website for ph values). It must be limed with some type of dolomite lime, (calcium magnesium carbonate) preferably the finest grade. When lime is applied it will usually balance the PH out somewhere around 6.5-7 ish. It also adds the CAL/MAG that alot of hydro growers talk about that your plant will use. It needs some time to react and take affect so I would not really recommend just peat alone. Mixing in a bag of compost that is only slightly acidic, or humus, and even wood ashes is a good way to balance PH level back towards the neutral side where cannabis does it's best nutrient uptake. Be very careful wood ashes are usually about 8.2-8.5PH and they also drain out of the soil quickly. Remember this plant will reward you when you give it a mixture of organic soil amendments. Google is really a great tool! But be sure to check more than one source, there are many know it alls without good experience to back the trash they are saying if fact.

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