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Thread: Fire OG Kush

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    Fire OG Kush

    Strain Name: Fire OG Kush

    From: Caregiver/grower

    When: Nov 2010

    Grade: A

    Type: Hybrid

    Price: $95/quarter oz

    Looks: Medium bright green with lots of flame orange hairs.

    Smell: Fairly strong pine smell.

    Taste: Smooth, yet sharp pine tasting smoke, with an earthy/hashy flavor on the exhale.

    Buzz Type: A nice even building indica/body high – developing into serious couch lock

    Buzz Length: Long – I was baked for 2+ hours.

    Best Medicinal Use: Muscle and joint pain relief and insomnia

    Overall: There are so many varieties of “OG Kush” out there, I was excited to try this one out. The dense crystal coverage makes this strain look like it’s on fire in certain light. This one was not a creeper, nor a surprise – the indica buzz started with a warming feeling in my cheeks and spread all over my body in a relaxing glow. The more I smoked, the higher I got, until I just sat couch locked watching TV. This is a great strain for evening medication to ease body aches and insomnia.

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    Re: Fire OG Kush

    where can i find some of this in socal

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    Re: Fire OG Kush

    Quote Originally Posted by SaveThePlant View Post
    where can i find some of this in socal
    San Diego Discount Caregivers
    50$ caps on eighths
    50 for this strain
    100 1/4
    200 1/2
    350 oz
    18$ grams

    this place is phenomenal i recommend strongly

    as well as this strain

    22.1% THC
    .25 CBD
    .12 CBN

    check out
    SDDC on the maps ;-) if ya know what i mean