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Thread: Diamond OG Kush

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    Diamond OG Kush

    Strain Name: Diamond OG Kush

    From: River Valley Collective

    When: Jan 2011

    Grade: A

    Type: Indica

    Price: $95/quarter oz

    Looks: Darker green nugs with some orange hairs and a nice crystal coverage.

    Smell: Strong Cannabis smell…bordering on skunky pine.

    Taste: A light smoke that had a slight pine flavor to it.

    Buzz Type: Strong indica – body high.

    Buzz Length: Long – I was buzzed for about 2.5 hours.

    Best Medicinal Use: Muscle or joint pain and insomnia

    Overall: I get kind of skeptical about the names given to strains – not because I question if it’s really that strain, but more if the strain matches the name in looks, taste, smell, and buzz. So, I had really big expectations from something called “Diamond OG” – and after 2 bong hits, I was not disappointed. The buzz felt like something was being slowly poured over the top of my head, as the high flowed from my head downward through my body. Literally felt like I melted into the couch, and my eyelids grew heavy. Normally I wake up several times throughout the night and am awake waiting for my alarm to go off, but this strain had me sleeping all night – an hour PAST my normal wake up time (was so high, I forgot to set the clock the night before)!

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    Re: Diamond OG Kush

    Nice! I am growing one now!

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    Re: Diamond OG Kush

    nice, buds look dense as hell. Very pretty.

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    Re: Diamond OG Kush

    Those nugs look terrific.