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Thread: MacGarden

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    Talking MacGarden

    Mater Update!!! WooHoo!!!

    I'll let the pics tell their story. But I just gotta say... I'm hungry!

    San Marzano 3 1/2 ft!

    Early Girl! You Bethca!

    Saweet Celebrity

    Three Ladies of the Vine! You thought I was going to say "night" huh!!!

    Thanks for putting up with my bad jokes and I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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    Re: MacGarden

    Quote Originally Posted by Macgyverup View Post
    Three Ladies of the Vine! You thought I was going to say "night" huh!!!
    Well, they are in the nightshade family.
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    Talking Re: MacGarden

    Well... this was a surprise to me. But I kinda like it. My "maters" having a place of their own! For those of you who don't know me you can check out the links below. Enjoy!

    I was going to do a "mater" update today but my camera's batteries need to be re-charged. So I just want to say to all you veg and tomato lovers.

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    Re: MacGarden

    WHOO HOOO them are some big bitches!
    i though mine had gotten big! they are in ambiant light though lol
    your gona be eatin everything mater!
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