420 Kitchen: How To Make CannaButter – 7 Easy Steps


If you’re looking to make some special treats, Cannabutter is a vital ingredient. The process of making cannabutter is basically just melting butter with marijuana, Straining the marijuana And then re-solidifying the butter. This works because THC (the chemical in marijuana that gets you “high”) sticks to the fat cells in butter. Cannabutter can be used in any recipe that calls for butter or oil.

In this thread I will attempt to teach those who don’t know how to make Cannabutter, how to do so. The pictures may help a little but in the end it’s the text that will help you most.

You will need,

1.) A large saucepan

2.) A stir spoon

3.) Sticks Of Butter (Its about 1lb. of butter to every ounce of weed so make sure you do the math).

4.20) Marijuana

5.) Cheesecloth, and some elastics

6.) A couple tupperware containers with lids

Step 1.

Bring a few cups of water to a boil on the stovetop, it doesn’t really matter how much water you use because in the end it will all be seperated, Just make sure the marijuana is always floating about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the pan.

Step 2.

When the water is at a boil place the butter in the pan, again it’s about 1lb. of butter, 4 sticks, to every ounce of marijuana, so if your using a half ounce of bud thats about 2 sticks of butter. Be sure not to let the butter burn, if it appears to be burning then let melt on a medium setting.

Move the dial to low heat once butter has melted, it should look like this

Step 3.

Now that the butter has melted you can now add the marijuana, Here I used about 5 grams of fresh nug and about 7 grams of vaped bud. Again make sure the stove is now on a low setting.

Stir occasionally, I tend to stir every time the mix starts bubbling.
I usually let the bud simmer for 3 hours, But you can always tell it’s done when the top of the mix turns from a really watery consistency to glossy and thick.

Step 4.

While letting the mix simmer, You are now going to need to get the cheesecloth strainer ready, which will also be used to store the cannabutter.

Take two sheets of cheese cloth and fold each one over so they each have two layers, place these over a tupperware container (with the lid off), and secure them there with elastics.

It shoud look like this, I say to make two just incase one container runs out of room.

Step 5.

When the water has turned glossy and thick on top it should look like this

You are now ready to strain the marijuana out of the mix, place your tupperware containers with the cheesecloth lids in the sink and slowly pour the entire mix on top of the cheesecloth like pictured here,

When the saucepan is empty carefully undo the elastic, pick up the cheesecloth from all four sides and squeeze all of the remaining butter out,

I throw away the marijuana after this, you can try and dry it out, let me know what happens.

Step 6.

Now place the lid on the tupperware and place it in the fridge to sit overnight, You need to do this so the water can seperare from the cannabutter, be patient.

Step 7.

Now that you have awakened in anticipation for your new treat, its time to seperate the waste water!

It should look like this now, The cannabutter on top, the waste water on bottom.

Take the lid off the tuperware and hold it upside down over the sink, place a dish in the sink to catch any cannabutter that may fall, squeeze two sides of the tupperware and the waste water will pour out, once all the water is gone your done! The cannabutter is ready to cook with.

If you do not wish to cook with it now, you can just place it back in the tupperware, place the lid back on and store it in the fridge.

And be careful, the high from eating “special edibles” is often considered much more intense then inhaling, lasting anywhere from 2-8 hours. Do not attempt to eat too many at first. And I wouldn’t recommend driving. Just chill out, and enjoy!


* If making the butter is too much work for you, you can try this amazing device from Magical Butter.


  1. So what potency of cannabutter could I expect if I were to say use all the sugar leaf trim and immature and tiny popcorn buds to maybe about 40-80grams worth in making say 2 1LB bricks of butter? I know the quality of the original pot matters I would say that my buds are almost as good as the very best I have ever smoked its pretty dank but I have smoked stronger lots of times before but I think it would probably be worth $250-300 at a canadian compassion club if I were to buy it. So would I be making a little to strong of butter If I was to use between 40-80g of sugar leaf trim ,immature buds and the small popcorn buds ? or should I consider making more then 2 lb’s of butter from it. I have to ask because I have never done it before and the recipies were all for using bud and vaped bud so wondering what I could expect.

  2. We have been rinsing the herb before adding it to the butter so remove the green taste – works like a charm. What we do is put our herb in a stock pot with water and heat it up on the stove – almost to a boil – and then drain through a colander. Return wet bud to stock pot and repeat process – heat up water and pour off. We repeat the process until the runoff water is clear – or noticeably less green. Since thc isn’t water soluble all you are losing is the chlorophyl which is what makes the butter taste so green. After the rinsing process, we combine the herb and butter in a crockpot and leave it on low overnight – 10-12 hours. After cooking is complete, we strain the butter off using a stocking (or cheesecloth works) and squeeze every last drop of butter out into a container and put it in the fridge for a couple hours to set up. There may be a little water separated from the butter as the instructions above show. The end product is a light green butter that doesn’t have that strong taste but definitely has that strong effect.

  3. Personally I find it a lot easier to use the double boiler method. If you are unfamiliar –

    1. You take one large cooking pot and another smaller one to fit inside of it.

    2. You put water into the bigger cooking pot and put the smaller one in the water.

    3. Add desired amount of butter into the top pot and bring the bottom pot to a boil.

    4. Once the butter is melted add the marijuana. I grind everything up with a coffee grinder

    5. Stir occasionally over about 30 minutes.

    6. Then do as stated above with the cheese cloth into a Tupperware container and put into the fridge to solidify.

    This way you don’t have to deal with separating the water from the Cannabutter. Once it’s solid it’s ready to go. Another thing, you don’t need to use the best quality bud, it’s a waste of money really. It’s not the same high as smoking it so you don’t need the better quality. Check with your collective if they sell shake. It’s a lot cheaper and works just as good. Keep the good stuff for smoking.

  4. I use my rinsed greens from making bubble hash to make my butter. While it isn’t as potent, it is more consistent, and barely retains the “green” flavor. This works so well, I’ve had people not even know they were eating bud cookies until it was too late. So not only do I get awesome bubble hash, I get some greens washed free from dirt and dust. I grow my own mostly outdoors, so I’ve got plenty of materials which may be a consideration before attempting.

  5. Just a suggestion – after you filter through the cheesecloth perhaps if you were to pour boiling water through the mash to extract ALL the goodnicks. Also I have heard that a lady after making her cannabis oil or tincture she uses the mash for cookies. I don’t know how they would taste but in today’s economic environment one would want to partake of every opportunity to maximize his a-hum medicine, right?

  6. New at this. Why the water? I have cooked twice now and only used butter and it has worked but am I using the herb to the best potency doing it this way?

  7. Herb.
    When I make butter I use what I’ve grown. I grow marijuana for my medical needs, so I use it as such. I use the BUD’S for Butter/Oil’s/Oral Tinctures/Topical Tinctures. I use trim (which consists of all Leaf material, Stems, Roots, Branches to make topical, tinctures only!)
    When I make Butter, I use a Double Broiler made for the job, you can pick one up at any Kit hen Supply Store, usually pretty cheep. I cook my butter outside in the summer so not to heat up the house, (smell up), I use the low setting on the side burner of my grill, I use 2-3 pounds of Butter to 1 Ounce of Bud, Top Quality Bud (not the little scraggly stuff at the end of the plant. But the way I harvest eliminates that as well. But that’s another story.). I cook it over low heat, a total of 5-hours, checking water level every hour and stirring as often. Adding water as needed. My strainer is: Single cup coffee strainer with cone filter, I’ve since discovered a Large Funnel works quite well too, and drains faster. You place the funnel or Coffee filter over a One gallon pickle jar, pour the Hot Liquid in the pickle jar through the filter. It will take time so be patient. Once this processes complete, pour it from the pickle jar into the pre-marked containers. The butter has been infused and there is no GREEN Taste or Color. A Dosage is; Half inch by half inch by finger nail thick. This will keep you medicated for 3+ hours or if one uses more hang-On! Faster, Easier, Cleaner, Safer (in you don’t have to squeeze hot liquid,burning your hands,filling your product with chlorophyll,dirt,green and other nasties). And the butter itself is more of a Clarified Consistency. Because it was cooked 5 hours on Low Heat, in a Double Broiler, it cooked off the Water Molecules. Making it taste more like real butter not Yuk! Please try it like this, see if it isn’t easier than the traditional method, with no freezing, cooking down, straining through a not efficient. Cheese clotho

  8. very creative! If only Marijuana is available for all people they can also make this however they can only get it Local medical Marijuana Dispensaries

  9. OK, i made some butter in a crock pot yesterday, cooked it for 8 hrs, my final product was a light green butter. with no excess water. rancid taste and strong in smell. i put about 3/4 stick in my brownies, but i didnt get high… i went to sleep an hr later. slept really good. so i woke up this morning… ate another one around 9:30. its 10:16 and just like lastnight. im not feeling nothing. what did i do wrong? if i get high within the next hr or so i will let it be known but right now, im sober as shit.

  10.  Very creative!

    Medicinal Cannabis can actually be use in baking, it can give variety of choices for patients using it.

  11. Make sure the water isn’t boiling when you add the bud. It should only be lightly simmering. If it’s boiling, the THC will be escape with the steam. Also, be extremely careful when ingesting these. Before I made my brownies, I got impatient and swallowed a teaspoon of melted butter thinking such a small amount would do next to nothing (I used the same 1lb butter to 1 ounce bud ratio). That teaspoon alone was enough to get me tripping out for hours. Also, the effects take anywhere from 40-90 minutes to even begin to take effect, so don’t go back and eat more thinking the first time didn’t work.

  12. I love cannabutter:) I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies and WOW!!!! I got more of a body “buzz” and I love it. My husband loved them too. I like the “buzz” so much better when I eat it, and who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies. Thank you 420:)

  13. You might have cooked it too hot too long. You should simmer it over the stove so you can see when it’s time to strain. The crock pot might have cooked out all your thc. I am not an expert but that worked for me:)

  14. Why would you want to make pot brownies taste like regular brownies ? Extra work for no purpose whatsoever unless you were trying to sneak someone into getting high.

  15. You can also quick harden the canabutter by adding ice to the pot after simmering. The ice will cause the butter to clump up, along with the trimmings. Obviously you still have to melt & strain but sometimes i do this when I don’t have time to do everything at once, leave the butter in there overnight then strain in the morning.

  16. After the THC is extracted via butter or oil the “mash” as you call it contains close to 0% THC…. so my question is “What would be the point of using something that tasted like crap to cook when it won’t get you high ? Dingaling.

  17. Never leave them whole, at least dry them out and hand crush them. The area of the leaves has to do with the ease of extracting the THC. So if the area is smaller, its easier and more efficient.

  18. Explain to me how the THC escapes in “Steam” when it’s not water soluble ?? Please close the butt you are talking out of. What actually happens is that excessive heat while boiling destroys the THC.

  19. Shake is great to use because its useless elsewhere… Although it might take up to 4x the amount of shake as the same in bud to achieve the same effects. I also always use shake since it free during harvesting season :)

  20. Water keeps the THC from boiling out via heat. That is its only purpose. What you are describing is known as the ‘quick’ method and while slightly less effective (in my experience) it works all the same.

  21. Really weak trim is good to use it just takes more. I used only leaves once, no buds of some stuff you couldn’t even smoke. I used 1.5 – 2 ounces just to make sure there was potency, tripped the same way I do if it was mids.

  22. its not exscaping in the steam dumb ass its vaporising. Just because its in water doesnt change the tempriture it vaps at.

  23. I avoid using water in my mix by using a double boiler… having the water boil under in a seperate pot allows the butter to simmer for longer w/o burning and therefore drawing more thc

  24. Do you need to use your grinder to grind up the weed before throwing it in the water? Or does it not matter? If it does, should I put the keef in there too?

  25. hi folks, a couple of points here, first the water gets rid of a lot of crap from the mix. i scape off the bottom of the butter (but i use coconut oil not butter) into the water and toss it. i use a crock pot with a stem thermometer to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. the batch i just made has about 1/2 lb. coconut oil, 2 oz. ++ of good pot and bud i grew. it will only be as good as what you put into it, this isn’t some miracle process. if i cannot see trichomes with my magnifier i dump it back into the garden so no fan leaves. then i let it simmer for about 20 hours. my stuff is like a thick mud. you can cook with it or what ever but my newest favorite is just make a cup of tea with up to a tablespoon of the oil, honey and maybe a splash of orange juice (i thought it was milk but this was excellent with the juice, try it. better than the cereal was…) add whatever you like in tea.

    i thought i would make this batch then add the mash back into the crock pot with another half pound of oil and cook it again. not much to lose. my cookies came out so strong i recommended only a bite and cut them up bite size but one friend told me he he took two and spent the day leveling out his woodpile or something. this is a wonderful way to get rid of excess pot but it will mold without being frozen. i don’t smoke so this is a great way to ingest.

  26. I actually found washing the trim to be helpful because I dont like the strong green flavor. Others I know dont like strong flavor as well. Thanks for the post about washing it. I’m sure you have helped a lot of people who were wondering if there was a way to make it less green tasting.

  27. We made some cannabutter from about a pound of shake and then threw the leftovers over the fence (We live in the country). Later that night a family of 5 skunks came dancing past, tails in the air and oblivious to us. Happy is not the word for it.

  28. We made some cannabutter from about a pound of shake and then threw the leftovers over the fence (We live in the country). Later that night a family of 5 skunks came dancing past, tails in the air and oblivious to us. Happy is not the word for it.

  29. The mash is great for all kinds of breads – and it still contains quite sufficient amts of THC, CBD and CNN if it’s never boiled. I use a Magical Butter machine to prevent scorching and get everything to the right temps, for the right amt of time – with NO hassles. The butter itself is great to put on toast with a little jelly or honey about 30 min before bedtim – it’s perfect medicine for insomnia, the fatigue that comes from chronic pain – neuromuscular, arthritic, etc. I make red velvet cupcakes, brownies and from the mash, a nice loaf of pumpkin bread. I do not use ‘bud’ but instead well-dried ‘sweet leaf’ from cuttings, that’s quite dried out and then run thru my little Cuisinart to make green flour. Two to four cups of the flour in the machine, with coconut oil or butter (or a combo) and presto chango – in a couple of hours, I have a two week supply of butter and mash for making medical edibles.

    The article is correct – please don’t pig out on the products you make. The effect IS more intense, and lasts much longer. For some people, especially those with heart or lung problems, it can even become uncomfortable or frightening but like they say, no one has ever died of a pot overdose. However, even 30 year ago, it was not nearly as potent as it is now! The new hybrids and the increased amount consumed when eating them CAN make a person’s heart feel wonky and breathing can become difficult. So, take it easy until you find your perfect dose.

    I always suggest 1/4 a serving – 1/4 a cupcake, brownie, or whatever. Can’t hurt, and it will help you find the perfect dose for yourself. Sure don’t want anyone that is already suffering from chronic anything to feel worse! Bon appetit! And … cheers to better, healthier living without synthetic pharmaceuticals!

  30. I just used this technique and it worked as expected. I have a question about the waste water though – is there anything good in there? Is there anything bad in there? If I were to drink it or use it to make tea, what would happen? All of the instructions I’ve read have said to toss it, but I can’t find any more info than that.

  31. The water take the chlorophyll out of the material. It helps eliminate the plant taste from the butter, and moakes for a much nicer final product. much clearer, and less contaminants. The water also takes out any water soluable material left in the plant, such as any unflushed nutes and such. I find it a very important part. Also, the water willprevent vaporization as 100 celcius is below the vaporization level of any of the cannabinoids in the trichomes. Including water is vital for me. The double boiler is great, but you need to enjoy the “weed’ flavor in your mouth… Something I detest to the piint of gagging, and once ever throwing up!…

  32. Ummm… couldn’t we all venture an opinion, without the verbal bashing; particularly if you happen to be misunderstood, or express something that may be inaccurate? Can we just appreciate the effort made to be helpful, and kindly correct any misconceptions without hacking up the person’s character? Just a thought….

  33. Its totally garbage. Don’t even spill it on anything, it will make everything stink. And not good stink, its awful.

  34. I used the crockpot methipod followed to the tee and ended up with no water to take out. What did I do wrong? 2 cups of water dissated ( I guess) 1st time I tried it cooked on low 18, strained and refrigerated it for 12 hrs. NO WATER at the bottom? Why?

  35. It’s a good suggestion, but it’s niave to say it’s only affecting flavor. You’re losing some thc (water will remove trichomes – see a bubble hash extraction). Also hot water dissolves things better than cold water, so more than just chlorophyll will come out. The high is probably more THC with a smaller profile

  36. This is the method I’ve been using as well and It’s definitely less work and the result is great in my opinion. I get a beautifully clear green brick of butter that way and it tastes great!

  37. Personally, I simmer for 22 hours in a pressure cooker so no steam escapes. Did 2 batches once. 3 hrs with half, 22 with the other and ill always do 22 now, heaps better. Also reccomend knocking up some kind of press to extract all you can from the mush. The reason people use it as a ‘flour’ isnt coz the herb has any thc. Its because it still contains maybe 10 or 15% of the butter. Maybe even 20.

  38. Using the MagicalButter Machine kicks ass! Would highly recommend it, no burning, does a decarboxylation, makes those edibles strong! Great from pain relief.

  39. The longer you simmer the better the taste, in my experience. I’ve always used this exact link as my method, only I double it to 2 oz/lb and I use a crock pot on low for like, 10 or more hours. Until it’s thick and dark and glossy, as instructed.

    My butter is then potent enough for my preference, the preference of other patients I share with (I’m carded and so are my patient friends, in Oregon, 2015) and I can also then make medibles and nobody gags them down, but instead are shocked that they are medicated and then I have to deny seconds – for their own good. Lmao.

    I’ll be testing for compliance in Oregon for dispensary sale this month…I will update what butter using the original article’s method with my afore-mentioned tweaks comes out to, officially. I know I REALLY wanna know already. I estimate 1 Tbs butter = 1 gram flower minimum, which supports the strength of my 2/3 to 1 cup butter pan of brownies or krispie treats. Ha ha.

    But as with most aspects of the cultivation and medicinal healing of marijuana…the best results come from the greatest exercises in patience. ;-)

  40. Hi, after refrigerating I kept the mixture outside without seperating resulting in water and butter again got mixed. Can it be separated ?

  41. So here’s my process so far. I’ve rinsed my 5g of shake twice, to remove some of the chlorophyll (and the Green taste that goes with it). To dry it to grind it up I put it on simmer to slowly remove the moisture from the plant. This also may decarb the weed a little I’m sure.

    My next step I plan to grind it up and place in a Mason jar with butter, maybe some water, and then place in a pot to boil and infuse. I’m not completely aware of what the difference the water makes other than making it easier to solidify and separate. Are there any other reasons?

    This is kind of a mash up of all the techniques I have read about. I hope someone might find this useful. =)
    (pharmacy student)

  42. thanks for sharing this recipe i plan on making some butter out of trimmings would an ounce be recommended if I dont have that much bud?

  43. I do this as well with the large volume of sugar leaf that I sometimes end up with after trimming. I usually do two rounds of simmer and drain and then add the butter with the third flush of clean water.

    I only do one round if I’m using bud though as it has a much lower chlorophyl to trichomes ratio.

    I’m also fairly sure this assists in partially decarboxylating the THC content as well.

  44. Using cannabutter is also a great way to customize your medicinal usage. If you have a strain with high THC but low CBD and another strain with the reverse you can combine the two in a single batch to maximize your CBD content with the already high THC content.

    After a few rounds of experimentation you can really dial in a perfect balance to suit your personal needs.

  45. i find that hard to believe (the part that thc sticks to the fat cells) considering that where i am from everyone uses butter to get tree gum off their hands and it works better than anything on planet earth. and the same goes for marijuana. when im done harvesting a ton of succulent maryjerrywanda my hands are a mess the few times i didnt use rubber gloves. and you go and take 2-3 spoon fulls of butter and rub your hands around for about a minute and voilà sticky gone and hands like new.