Happy 4/20 – Welcome To Our New Website!

420 Magazine

After two years of research, development and planning, we are pleased to announce the release of our brand new logo & website! Please tell us what you think and help us check the site for bugs, broken links, things that need tweaking, etc. This process will most likely take us through the weekend, so please give us all the feedback you can, as every bit helps to make our home even better. We will be working throughout the day and night to get everything perfected and are very much looking forward to providing the best possible experience for our 420 family of international activists and gardeners. We thank you for your valuable time, energy and support of our mission to create Cannabis awareness to the world.


  1. Hey everybody I’m a new member to your site I live in the missouri and I’m hoping we can finally get it leagalize it I just don’t understand why it would take so long for people to get smart

  2. Hi guys/girls I live in the uk I think the idea of 4/20 is a great idea we do all need to stand as one as you know theres strength in numbers its illegal in the uk but on the 12th of this month oct its going to be debated in parliament as the government here have received 200 40000 signatures they now legally have to debate it people are desperate for medical marijuana as they know the benefits im in cronic pain as I have fibromyalgia/scoliosis in my spine.these health conditions are no picnic as u can imagine I also have to live with all the side effects of fibromyalgia I dont want sympathy only for people to understand that medical marijuana has been proved time and time again again to help with 100s of medical problems the meds I have to take are destroying my kidneys/ liver and god knows what else x love nessa