U.S. Government Tells A Big Fat Lie – Reefer Madness 2011

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Once again, government servants have told Americans that marijuana ranks right up there with heroin. The Drug Enforcement Agency ruled last Friday that marijuana has “no accepted medical use” and will continue as a schedule 1 drug – the most forbidden category.

The DEA is a law enforcement bureaucracy. The medical opinions of law enforcement bureaucrats should be of little interest. We do not ask cops to make laws; we pay cops to enforce the laws established by constitutions or enacted by the people or the decisions of their representatives.

Furthermore, what drug a person takes for an illness should be between that person and his or her physician. Drug laws – like laws that regulate rape, murder, arson, property crimes and almost all criminal matters – should be the purview of states. That’s a right wing, conservative Republican view of the world that is shared by the left-leaning Obama administration regarding the regulation of medical marijuana. Nothing in the Constitution grants the federal government, let alone a lone bureaucracy such as the DEA, to regulate drugs. Efforts by the federal government to regulate alcohol failed miserably, just as the efforts to regulate drugs have empowered black-market criminals. The war on drugs is a deadly and expensive political indulgence of the past that our country can no longer afford.

The agency’s statement came in response to a 2002 petition by supporters of medical marijuana who want the drug reclassified. The ruling means, in the view of the federal bureaucrats, that even a terminal cancer patient cannot use marijuana to control severe pain even if it is the best course of treatment as recommended by the patient’s physician. The DEA would prefer the patient go on other drugs – something created and sold by pharmaceuticals. Most prescription-strength pain relievers, unlike marijuana, are liver toxins that have the ability to kill upon overdose. Most, unlike marijuana, are so physically addictive that withdrawal can be deadly. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin, kill more than 7,000 Americans each year who either overdose intentionally or by accident. Tobacco has killed an average of 430,700 Americans each year, based on research from the Centers for Disease Control. Alcohol has killed more than 110,000 Americans each! year. Adverse reactions to prescription drugs have killed more than 32,000 Americans each year.

Marijuana, a drug that should not be used for recreation, has been the direct cause of this many deaths each year: Zero. We are able to buy aspirin – a pharmaceutical that can kill. But the government says no to marijuana – a drug that quite likely has the safest track record of any drug in history – even if a physician says it is what we need. This is the type of insanity that led President Ronald Reagan to say: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

The Gazette is against bad things. We oppose recreational use of marijuana, unless legalized in our state. We oppose rape, murder, violent crimes and crimes motivated by hate.

Though we oppose forest fires, we stand behind Sheriff Terry Maketa and other law enforcement officials who take great care in issuing burn bans. As Maketa explained this year, it is important to never warn against extreme fire danger when there is not genuine danger. That’s because people will condition themselves to discard fire warnings if they appear exaggerated by authorities.

The ongoing schedule 1 classification of marijuana – as a drug akin to heroin – is an obvious indulgence of bureaucratic exaggeration. It seems clear that DEA officials want to demonize marijuana because it guarantees the DEA’s ongoing funding and growth. This ruling does nothing to harm the reputation of medical marijuana, and everything to diminish the reputation of the DEA. We must demand that government employees stop lying to the Americans they are paid to serve with integrity and truth.

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Author: Wayne Laugesen


  1. Ignorance is a plague that many people (especially in our government) have . And unfortunately it’s something that will never be cured . All we can do is keep fighting and hope these self-righteous facists get their just desserts .

  2. Shame on you men and women who imprison and kill your fellow human beings over a plant. You are enforcing an illegal law and that makes you criminals subject to future prosecution. I’m sick of hearing you say you don’t make the laws and that you only enforce them and if we don’t like the laws then we should change them. You shouldn’t be enforcing illegal laws and you should know the history of the laws you enforce. Your cliche arguments do not excuse your actions and it won’t ease your conscience. You might find yourself on trial for your crimes against humanity just like the Nazis in Nuremburg. What do you know about the history of the laws you so proudly enforce? It is time the government start obeying the laws that we the people put into motion through the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Any law that is created by lies is not a law. It is null and void. Any law that is created and contradicts a higher law is null and void. When such laws are created and then enforced it becomes a danger to us and you and our future generations. How many of you will one day terrorize farmers for selling raw milk, or eggs or growing tomatoes? Will you say you’re just enforcing the law? This is now happening. The precedent was set long ago and has expanded as people have continued to believe in lies. We the people allowed the government to tell us what we can or cannot put into our bodies. The government is not God. God made this plant and blessed it for our use. We the people must just start saying NO to tyranny and should start prosecuting those who disobey the highest laws of the land. The first ‘drug czar’ Harry Anslinger lied to Congress in 1937. He told them it should be illegal because of its effects on the ‘degenerate races’ and that it ‘made blackie think he is as good as whitey’. He hated black and brown people and played on the fear people had at that time. Shame on you black officers. You are no better than Fiddler on Roots who taught Toby to be a good obedient slave. You murder and imprison your own people for a paycheck. The lies continued with Nixon and got worse. He appointed the tough conservative law and order governer Shaffer to form a commission to study the effects of Marijuana on people and society. Shaffer gathered police, scientists, professors and people from all walks of life. Their unbiased findings were that it posed no danger to the individual or society and had no harmful effects. They found many positive things about it. Nixon cursed them and did not allow their scientific findings to be published. He declared Marijuana public enemy number one. Are you really going to enforce laws created by this liar? Is this something you will be proud of on judgement day? After Nixon lied to we the people on national TV, local police started getting federalized, police dogs were used to find plants instead of murderers, SWAT teams who used to help kidnap victims were used to kick in doors at 3:00 am and terrorize innocent human beings over a plant. If you are not a coward, research the history of this plant and research the people who made it ‘illegal’. You have no excuse to plead ignorance. I’m sick of hearing bad arguments for and against this plant. What it boils down to is this – will we the people continue to allow the government to break the law? When government breaks the law it is a very serious violation and a danger to us all. They should not only be disgraced and asked to step down, but they should be prosecuted for breaking the highest laws of the land.

  3. This just forced more innocent people to die, locked up, or remain under hospital care without the proper care. Because of greed and ignorant. Give them less power by spreading cannabis awareness.

  4. this is really sad,,, just figure the time and money the DEA spends on this,,, and for what,,, a plant that has been used medically for hundred if not thousands of years… sad,,, just really sad….

  5. Excellent read. How many of you all watch the show Border Wars which recently has shifted to the “War on Drugs” profiles in which they are showing all these confiscated tons, discovered tunnels, and people bringing the proceeds from black market sales back to Mexico? It is laugh worthy to see the looks and hear the sound of their triumph in curbing the flow of marijuana into the US. What they do not talk about is how little those tons actually impact the availability because for every ton seized 10 tons gets through.

    These guys are absolutely clueless and helpless for that matter. During the Prohibition Era, the bootleggers and traffickers actually set up reverse stings for intentional capture, as a diversion, so that the real shipment could get through. Do they not think that the Cartels are practicing something similar?

    The Government spends billions on this enforcement effort and confiscates nothing relative to the end product delivery. What the Government is actually doing is fueling the demand, raising the cost as related to the risks, and funding the Cartels by their very “enforcement actions”.

    The only way to put this to bed is to continue hitting the DEA, NIH, CDC,FDA, and all political persons with facts, demands, and immediate remedy. The DEA states that the drug has no medical use, yet they allow Marinol / Drobinol without question. What is the difference? Outside of Pharma profits, nothing… the active ingredients are the active ingredients, but one of these is easily grown, kept, protected, and completely natural for the treatment of a number of debilitating conditions.

    Poll, petition, write, call, whatever you need or can do… do it. We must get these guys to see the will of The People. They must capitulate to Our needs and demands rather than the demands of Lobbyists, Corporate Interest, Political Rhetoric, or just the overall lies told to Our Government and then enforced upon Us.

  6. “Forget state’s rights. Forget what the voters want.”

    “You’ve had a hard day, go home, pick up some beer and pack of cigarettes, have a pill or 2 of the expensive poisons we prescribe you and just hang in there. Things will get better”.

    In other words, stay numb, scared, and dumb and by all means “don’t think”.

    They say MMJ has no medical value but they reschedule naturally derived THC and cannabinoids and allow pharmaceutical companies to patent and sell them to us at 10,000% profit … and most of America doesn’t even flinch. Why do you think Big Pharma has any interest in naturally derived THC? Maybe because of its *medicinal* value and most surely for its profits. Do you know how much brand Marinol (“synthetic THC”) costs? Over $1,800 per 1000mg (1g). What do you think will happen when they allow these pharmaceutical companies to patent *naturally derived* components of marijuana? Think about it. The government is taking your natural medicine and handing it over to Big Pharma and you are sitting by and watching it happen.

    This situation is exposing the American government for exactly what it is. An illusion of democracy. An illusion of freedom. An illusion of choice. An illusion of prosperity and success. This is how the government operates on all fronts, this situation is simply a rare time when you can see it brought to light. They want this issue snuffed out and back under the rug where they want it so they can go back to business as usual – in the shadows.

    This is not just about medical marijuana, this is about money and control. The government, big media, and big pharma raping and looting our citizens for generations. Yet people are quick to put their faith in the next politician who vows to change the things that no other before him has with no real intention of doing anything. “I’m (insert party here), so that’s how I vote.” They’ve got you right where they want you. We live under one regime that operates through 2 parties in order maintain the illusion of choice and freedom. The current administration has proven that.

    The media bears equal responsibility for they are the mouthpiece for the amplification and perpetuation of the government’s misinformation and propaganda agenda which has spanned decades and caused so many people to blindfully accept having no control over the country they live in. The media is responsible for creating the zombie-like members of this society who steadfastly prohibit any real change by buying into the notion that THIS government has the interests of its people at “heart”.

    Through scare tactics the media gets the general public to believe something like a “200 plant” bust (they love to use numbers) MUST be a major, dangerous crime. Where is the heroin? Where is the cocaine? Where is the involvement in violent crime? Nowehere. Inflammatory media stories leave out the important details and prey on the trusting mind while focusing simply on quantities of marijuana involved in a “bust”. But in reality how do safe, benign plants alone equate to danger and crime? They don’t, but the government and media would have you believe otherwise.

    When will we take out country back? When will America wake up and see that our government is a gang of thugs with no interest in any person’s individuality and well being?

    Who will be held accountable for the countless destroyed families and upstanding non-violent citizens imprisoned in the name of the government’s agenda? Who will pay for the crimes committed against Americans?

  7. Think about it folks. Who do you think is really running this country? If you think for yourself
    And listen it’s the same old bickering its been for years.
    Who is running this country.
    Try pharmaceutical, banks,insurance, media who are lining the
    Pockets of all the politicians. They don’t make the laws they
    just pass the ones they are told to pass by these huge industries
    That have endless amounts of money thanks to us the consumer
    who is running this country?
    Fuck em all i’ll continue to keep smoking and be
    Illegal until someone in politics grows a spine
    But I don’t see happening in my lifetime

  8. Koodos Wayne Laugesen and the Colorodo Springs Gazette. Look behind the curtain that the media is holding up. Pay no attention to Big Pharma, and Dupont pulling the strings of our government…. What a Fucking joke!!!!

  9. Well looks like all the SHEEPLE feel the same way. But as usual they want to sit and bitch online instead of getting off their asses and HELP start making a change. Contact your local politicians,start petitions in your states, overall DO SOMETHING TO HELP THE CAUSE INSTEAD OF CONTINUING TO LIVE ILLEGALLY. STAND UP AND BE HEARD. I myself am on my way to my states capitol AGAIN to MAKE SURE I AM HEARD. You can all be CLOSET SMOKERS. The rest of us who SERIOUSLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE will keep doing ALL the work for the LAZY SHEEPLE that think the world owes them something.

  10. Well said Puffinugh I call Tom My Senator EVERY DAY! And write and post for 20 Min. every day! SOUND OFF ON THESE HYPOCRITS! BE HEARD!

  11. Isn’t it obvious that Big Pharma don’t want people to have medicine that helps people but Big Pharma can’t control and profit on. Guess they have everyone of their lobbyist working against it. Everyone of their scientist producing false evidence.