CA: Tulare Co Fairgrounds Hosts Marijuana “Burnout Festival”

Photo Credit: Alain Jocard

Organizers say they have met with local police to make sure the event is a fun and safe one for every adult who shows up.

Tulare police wanted to make sure that secondhand smoke is not an issue, so marijuana smokers will be confined to a building. Organizers say 600 tickets have already been sold.

The Tulare County Fairgrounds is quiet now but will soon be filled with music, art, and smoke.

Tully Huffaker is the organizer of the Burn Out Festival. He’s invited graffiti artists, food and clothing vendors, and marijuana smokers to the event.

“These types of events, these types of artists, with or without cannabis, it’s going to be mellow. With cannabis, I anticipate it’s going to be very mellow. There’s going to be no alcohol, alcohol is what causes the problems at concerts,” Huffaker said.

No one under 21 will be allowed in. The Tulare County Fair CEO says the five-hour-long festival is being handled like any other one held at the fairgrounds.

Huffaker went through the permit process, which included several trips to Sacramento to get the proper paperwork in place to be able to host the function.

He expects it will be a sellout.

He is advertising the first 500 people who show up will get a free marijuana sample. Some of the restrictions prohibit users from buying pot at the event without a medical marijuana card. However, recreational smoking is allowed for those who bring a small supply for their personal use.

Officers will also be patrolling the area outside the fairgrounds to make sure that when people leave they are not driving impaired.