Canada: Marijuana Minimum Age To Be 18 In Alberta


The minimum age to buy and consume marijuana in Alberta will be 18 and public possession will be limited to 30 grams when it is legalized by the federal government next year, provincial Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley said Wednesday in unveiling part of the province’s draft framework.

Albertans will have until Oct. 27 to give feedback on the framework.

Sales will be limited to specialized stores, which will not be able to sell alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceuticals as well. Hours of operation and buffer zones for stores will be standardized by the province, but haven’t been set yet.

The upper limit for buying marijuana will be 30 grams.

Albertans will be able to grow up to four plants per residence, to a maximum height of one meter, and outdoor growing will be banned.

The price of marijuana has not been set under the draft framework, and will depend on taxation. Pricing will also be set with the goal of reducing the black market.

Public consumption will be restricted and where it can be smoked will fall under existing municipal smoking laws, meaning hospitals and school grounds will be off limits, along with areas frequented by children like playgrounds, sports fields, zoos, public washrooms and skateboard parks.

Consumption will not be allowed in vehicles, including passengers and like alcohol, marijuana will have to be out of the reach of the driver.

Consumption will also not be allowed in retail stores, meaning no sampling.

Cannabis cafés and lounges will be outlawed initially, but the province is seeking feedback from Albertans on that issue.

Legislation surrounding drug-impaired driving will be introduced before the July legalization.

There will be zero tolerance for minors.

Possession of less than five grams by anyone under 18 will result in the marijuana being seized, parents being notified and a ticket, while possession of more than five grams will result in criminal prosecution for minors.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will oversee recreational marijuana use and will serve as the central wholesaler for all products, ensuring “a level playing field” for large and small producers.

Ontario was the first province to unveil its rules around marijuana, about a month ago.

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