Cannabis Oil Combats Toddler’s Seizures In Canada


A Summerland family of a three year old girl who has been fed marijuana oil to combat her seizures for the past year says she has made drastic improvements.

Kyla Williams’ grandmother Elaine Nuessler says the oil greatly reduced the hundreds of seizures she suffered every day.

The child is now off all pharmaceutical drugs.

“She was pretty out of it a lot of the time on the pharmaceutical drugs. With the cannabis oil we have seen a huge amount of success as far as the amount of seizures go. She was 200-300 a day, she is now down to maybe 10.”

Nuessler launched Kyla’s Quest, a website providing education about medical cannabis for sick kids.

“To watch a human life form, it doesn’t matter, deteriorate, knowing there is a possibility, and even the slightest possibility knowing there is some relief that is huge.”

Nuessler is advocating for Health Canada to change its laws.

Right now licensed producers can only sell dried medical marijuana, forcing the family to obtain the oil illegally.

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