Cheech And Chong Say They’re Responsible For Marijuana Legalization

Photo Credit: Civilized

Cheech and Chong are perhaps the most famous stoners in entertainment history, but how much credit do they deserve for marijuana legalization? According to them, a lot.

The famous comedy duo were interviewed by Yahoo for the 40th anniversary of Up in Smoke, perhaps their most iconic movie. They were asked how much their comedy influenced marijuana legalization.

“It’s totally responsible for it. We’re ready for our royalties,” Cheech said.

Chong disagreed slightly. He said, “I personally think it would’ve happened sooner had we not made the movies. They kept looking at us and saying, ‘We can’t legalize this stuff. Look at these guys!'”

Believe it or not, Cheech said at one point he was dubious about claims about cannabis’ medical benefits. He told Yahoo he didn’t believe until he began suffering form nausea and started using marijuana to treat it, and it worked better than any other medicine. He says reasons such as that are why legalization is gaining steam.

“We’ve passed the tipping point,” Cheech said, referring to the 29 states that have legalized medial marijuana. “The boulder’s rolling downhill now.”

We can’t wait for Miley Cyrus to be interviewed in 40 years about how she helped usher in marijuana legalization.