OR: Engage In Elegant Cannabis Treats Created By Elbe’s Edibles

Photo Credit: Elbe’s Edibles

Those looking for a food forward edible experience might want to check out the decadent offerings from elbe’s edibles. Established in 2010, this Portland, Oregon based company has focused on making gourmet treats geared for the medical and now recreational market.

Their offerings are made using whole plant canna butter, which results in a product that feels rich and creamy. Their butter is made using whole bud and close trim so one can experience the entourage effect that comes from using the whole plant. Also, the rich butter gives one a deep lingering full body high. All their products are made using all natural ingredients with no cannabis aftertaste.

Their cakeballs contain 15 mg THC and come in lemon, chai, triple chocolate, and orange creamsicle flavors. While all flavors taste delicious, their chai cakeball made with chai spices and a spiced vanilla buttercream frosting tastes especially delightful. These cakeballs come in a sturdy plastic container, so they can be easily transported without getting crushed.

Moving to their cookies, their Lemondoodle and Snickerdoodle cookies contain 25 mg THC per cookie. For those looking for a product containing CBD, check out their 1:1 Gingerdoodle cookie. Made with 25 CBD and 25 THC, this cookie offers a perfect balance and a smooth ginger sensation that tastes sweet and a bit spicy. The CBD for this cooking is cannabis derived CBD isolate. These chewy cookies have a smooth rich feel found in other high end gourmet cookies.

For those new to trying edibles, a guide on their website offers helpful suggestions regarding how to consume edibles. Also, each product contains a cut guide for those wishing to consume a smaller amount of THC. These products are quite potent so those new to this product should start with a 5 to 10mg portion, and then wait for up to 90 minutes. Then take another portion if one wishes to increase the effects.

These products can be found at a number of dispensaries located throughout Oregon.