High Demand: How A Maryland Marijuana Dispensary Is Doing One Month After Opening

Photo Credit: AP Photo

It has been more than a month since the opening of several medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland, including one in Montgomery County.

Bill Askinazi is the owner of Potomac Holistic, a medical marijuana dispensary in Rockville, and he said the dispensary has been doing well since it opened on Dec. 1.

“The market continues to expand and the demand continues to be very high on all demographics,” he said.

Just days after the Rockville dispensary opened on Dec. 1, the facility it had to temporarily shut down after quickly selling out of its supply.

Since pain does not discriminate, Askinazi said his customers range in age from 22 to 93 and are from all socio-economic backgrounds. Some customers pull up in their Jaguars to the dispensary while others are driving a plumbing truck, he said.

“We’re seeing all sorts of people seeking out help regardless of their color, regardless of their religion and regardless of their age,” Askinazi said.

The dispensary is treating people for pain from things such as neuropathy or post-cancer surgeries. And he adds that 52 percent of his customer base is made up of women and 48 percent of men.

The trend Askinazi said he is seeing is a move away from the traditional marijuana products that you smoke to things like transdermal patches and sublingual drops which are put under the tongue.

The transdermal patches are similar in the way the nicotine patches work.

According to Askinazi, they adhere to body and in over 24 hours the medicine is absorbed into the blood system.

Vaping is also more popular with older customers since he said it lessens the effects on the lungs compared to smoking a joint.

Askinazi said he hopes the business continues to thrive.

“I see this growing industry growing stronger. I think a lot of people who didn’t want to take these prescription opioids are now getting relief from other sources and we’re happy to be in the business to provide that relief.” Askinazi said.