If Marijuana Is Legal In California, Why Are People Being Arrested

Photo Credit: Susan Sharon

California voters legalized growing, selling and using marijuana and Proposition 64 — the Adult Use of Marijuana Act approved in November 2016 — allows 1 ounce of marijuana as the legal limit for recreational marijuana possession for adults over the age of 21.

Santa Barbara County, cities and local governments all over the state are developing regulations for marijuana-related businesses, including dispensaries and grows.

“While the recreational use of cannabis, and the related businesses are now legal in California, it is still a regulated industry,” Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Kelly Hoover said.

“As with many industries, the cannabis industry is regulated to help ensure the public’s safety and to ensure the product being consumed by the public is safe to consume. Persons who are engaged in illegal cannabis activity are still subject to arrest.”

Prop. 64 rules also allow adults over the age of 21 to privately use— and give away — up to 1 ounce of cannabis, and to cultivate up to six plants for personal use at their residence.

“Because cannabis is now legal in the state of California, it doesn’t mean a free-for-all,” Santa Barbara police spokesman Anthony Wagner said. “It’s regulated. While it’s legal, there are … limits to one’s rights.”

The Bureau of Cannabis Control released the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulations, which govern medical and recreational cannabis in California. Click here to read the rules.