March For Marijuana Legalization In Texas Set For Saturday


A group pushing for the legalization of cannabis in Texas is hosting an “open carry walk” in San Antonio this Saturday.

Cannabis Open Carry Walks organizes people pushing for “cannabis freedom” in Texas. Although the group and event use “open carry,” the movement has nothing to do with guns.

“We want to open carry cannabis,” the Facebook event page reads. “We want to stop locking people in cages because of a plant.”

Just last Wednesday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office implemented a cite-and-release program that will allow those found with less than four ounces of marijuana to avoid jail time. Instead, officers have the option to issue a citation.

The walk is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. at North Star Mall and will include passing out information to encourage others to take action to “free the weed.” Organizers behind the event said the walk is to unite cannabis supporters in a peaceful and lawful way (so don’t try to use, buy or sell weed while there). The group hopes that both recreational and medical use of cannabis will be legalized in 2019.

While Texas now allows medical use of marijuana for those with intractable epilepsy, there are only 15 doctors in the entire state that are allowed to prescribe it. There are also three state-approved dispensaries as of now, with one settled halfway between San Antonio and Houston.