Mexico: Juárez Police Stop 2 Vehicles Crammed With Half-Ton Of Marijuana

Photo Credit: Juárez Police Department

What marijuana, officer?

Juárez police made a large drug bust after stopping two vehicles crammed floor-to-ceiling with marijuana packages during the weekend.

Police found 1,320 pounds of marijuana Saturday night after stopping a pair of Honda Element vehicles driven by a married couple allegedly working for the Sinaloa drug cartel, a news release stated.

The half-ton marijuana seizure was made after undercover officers spotted the vehicles in the Salvarcar neighborhood in eastern Juárez, police said.

Police said that stacks of marijuana were in plain view inside the vehicles.

The couple, identified only as Josue H.T., 27, and Martha Silvia H.A., 25, allegedly told police that the marijuana was headed to the Valley of Juárez so that others could smuggle it to the United States, police said.