New Zealand: Cannabis Is A Super Food, So The Government Should Legalize It


My family is sick with illnesses that modern medicine can’t cure.

But cannabis can.

My mother Kerri is a law abiding catholic social worker with a serious degenerative condition. She has spent her life caring for other people, and now she’s in need. Modern medicine can’t help her, and she is denied what can help because of a law that lacks both moral and scientific basis.

Cannabis is medicinal, it can help with over 100 conditions modern medicine is unable to treat, and it helps against aging.

That’s why you should be demanding our politicians let us grow it – it’s a dietary essential for everyone over 40.

Most of us think we understand cannabis because we know people use it ‘to get high’. But we have been conned. That’s not the correct way to use it.

It’s about getting healthy, not high.

You see, every mother feeds her baby ‘cannabis’ from the breast. When a baby drinks its mother’s milk, that baby is getting a fatty molecule called 2-AG.  This fatty molecule is a cannabinoid, (as in cannabis). It regulates that baby’s growth, appetite, sleep, and health while also protecting her from illness. Human cannabinoids run our eCS (endogenous cannabinoid system) like gas runs a car.

As our respiratory and circulatory systems are major. So is our eCS. If you don’t have a respiratory, circulatory, or cannabinoid system, you are dead. If your eCS is low in cannabinoids, you are vulnerable to anxiety, pain, migraine, IBD, fibromyalgia, dementia, obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and much more. If you take care of your eCS, it can take care of you by preventing or regulating those conditions and other injuries or illnesses. That’s what cannabis does. It keeps us healthy and protects us – it’s the poster child for raw food.

Animal studies show we can heal bones 30 per cent faster (and stronger) with hemp plants; we can reduce and sometimes kill cancers; we can reduce stroke injuries by 66 per cent, and much more.

There are 30 US states where cannabis is legal, and doctors there are prescribing 4539 less medicines a year, each. If we multiply that by the number of doctors in NZ, we would have 63 million less prescriptions written, and we could save a BILLION dollars per year ($956,400,390 to be exact) at a time when our health services are overstretched, underfunded, and facing a silver tsunami of the elderly, demented, diabetic and obese.

If we change the system and innovate intelligently, we could all benefit.