Northern Indiana Sheriffs Discuss Possible Pot Legalization

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Several Northern Indiana sheriffs are voicing their concern about the potential of marijuana being legalized in the state. The NWI times reports sheriffs met Tuesday morning for a roundtable discussion at the Porter County Sheriff’s Department and talked about the public perception of marijuana, which they say is nothing more than a “feel good” substance, with a Warren County Sheriff official claiming the drug’s legislation in other states has impacted public safety and criminal issues.

The newspaper reports that state Rep. Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso, told the group that they are in the minority when it comes to this issue, as polls place up to 65 percent of the public in support of the legalization of marijuana.

A St. Joseph County Sheriff official spoke out, warning that opiates, which were originally labeled as safe, have become one of the top concerns of law enforcement around the state.

This discussion comes nearly two months after the use of CBD oil in Indiana was legalized, as the use of the cannabis compound was approved after almost a year of uncertainty and questions from patients who’ve been using the oil for pain treatment, and physicians who swear by its effectiveness.

Nearly one week ago a measure allowing parents to give their children medical marijuana while at school was approved one state over by the Illinois General Assembly. Illinois lawmakers from both sides of the political spectrum are supporting the measure, which would only allow kids to have smoke-free products while at school, and their parents or guardians would have to give dispense the drug in private.