NV: Las Vegas’s New Weed Museum Will Feature A Monstrous 22-Foot Bong

Photo Credit: Toni L. Sandys

Weed is basically its own art form now, a medium for delicate joint sculptures, an inspiration for pot paintings, and—in its oil form—a kind of THC-packed molding clay for the miracle that is dab art. It only makes sense then, that because we already have a museum full of dicks and one completely devoted to ice cream, weed should get its own gallery space, too.

This summer, that hosting honor will fall to Las Vegas, when the city welcomes Cannabition, an “immersive cannabis museum” dedicated to all things dank. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the museum will open its doors on July 1 and feature a 360-degree theater, ostensibly playing trippy-ass visuals 24/7, along with several rooms of “multi-sensory art installations.” And who said no one in Sin City cares about art?

But most spectacularly, the city, already home to the Pinball Hall of Fame and something called “leprechaun wrestling,” will welcome the world’s largest bong as Cannabition’s pièce de résistance. Jerome Baker Designs, a glass-blowing operation in Seattle, is currently crafting the 22-foot monstrosity, and plans to ship the thing down to Vegas upon completion—hopefully all in once glorious piece.

For many stoners, Cannabition might seem like the happiest place on Earth. But unfortunately, just like Disney World, you won’t actually be able to blaze or buy weed inside. Still, with recreational weed now legal in Nevada, it shouldn’t be too hard to toke up on your own time before you head in. Tickets, of course, will start at just $4.20 (“Duh”) and will be available on—you guessed it—4/20.