NY: Despite Renewed Push, Local Law Enforcement Against Legalization Of Marijuana

Photo Credit: Randall Benton

New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s plan to legalize marijuana is getting less than high marks from some local law enforcement.

On Friday, Schumer said he plans to introduce a bill to take pot off of the list of federally-controlled substances. Schumer says states should have the right to decide on how to regulate the drug, and states that want it to stay illegal should be able to keep it that way.

The idea didn’t go over well with police like Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode.

“I’m a little disappointed in the Senator,” he says, “that he’s sponsoring that legislation. Especially after he came here six months ago to talk about our Medical Examiner’s office, trying to get us more doctors to assist with the autopsies because of this epidemic, and now he’s supporting a legislation that would increase the number of substances that are legal.”

Despite renewed push, local law enforcement against legalization of marijuana

In an interview with Vice, Schumer said he would support legalizing pot in New York State.