Poland: One Medicine Approved With More Medical Marijuana Bills Up For Debate


There already is one medicine containing active marijuana substances used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The drug, Sativex, can be prescribed by a doctor but is not reimbursed by the Polish National Health Service (NFZ). The Ministry explained that such medicines can be specially imported into Poland. These drugs can be used if they can be proved to help save the life or health of the patient, and the legitimacy of such requirements is confirmed by a professional consultant. The Health Minister is also in the process of investigating whether there are any instances in Polish law “that prevent importing the drugs from abroad”.

Three bills are currently being discussed in the Sejm lower house of parliament in relation to the use of therapeutic marijuana. Two of them deal with treatments involving hemp oil (Rick Simpson Oil). Third, proposed by deputy Speaker Wanda Nowicka (independent), envisages that it would stop being a crime to cultivate and harvest marijuana for healing and personal use – in accordance with a documented physician’s prescription, in quantities not exceeding the demand for a maximum of 90 days’ use. Recently, he Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw banned a doctor who ran experimental cannabis-based treatment of epilepsy in children from pursuing his work.

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