This West Hollywood Cafe Is Serving $59 Cannabis Shakes

Photo Credit: Swissx

A new health and wellness cafe opened in West Hollywood yesterday with a $59 dollar CBD shake on the menu. Greek billionaire Alki David opened Swissx Plant Pharmacy and Food Lab with CBD as the focal point of the health and wellness bar.

Parent company Swissx took over the former Alchemy Cafe, which only took a few weeks to revamp. The team filled the space with comfortable seating, Buddha statues, and iPads to process orders, which starts with a screen selection asking about ailments or concerns. Staff can concoct a custom shake, or prepare one from Swissx’s menu. At the moment, Swissx only has shakes and chocolates, but has a food menu on the horizon.

The high price tag of the shakes comes from the CBD. CBD hails from the cannabis plant, but doesn’t have the psychoactive or high-inducing components of THC. Swissx extracts CBD from organic hemp seeds process from a field in Switzerland. Throw in the some high-end vegan ingredients and supplements, and Angelenos are set to drink some really expensive smoothies. Swissx and others claim that CBD can treat a number of health conditions, including anxiety and PTSD.

David brought in UCLA neuropsychologist Dr. Joseph Barsuglia as a medical advisor for the business. Swissx Plant Pharmacy and Food Lab is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.