TX: Man Has Fridge Serviced, Forgets About The 5 Pounds Of Weed Inside It

Photo Credit: Erin Ryan

A Wood County man has been arrested for possession of marijuana.

Christopher Trent Newton, 23, is charged with possession of marijuana. He was arrested Thursday and posted a $30,000 bond on Friday.

According to an arrest affidavit, police were called to an appliance store in Mineola on March 6. A manager there said he and an employee had found what they believed to be marijuana inside a refrigerator brought to them by someone.

Police took the marijuana back to the station and said it weighed about five pounds.

The officer then contacted the man who brought the refrigerator in, who said he owned the home where the refrigerator was and Newton was his tenant. He said Newton had called him about the refrigerator not cooling and asked him to have it fixed.

A day later, police contacted Newton, who said he and some of his friends went to Corpus Christi and were approached by someone asking if they wanted to buy marijuana and they told him they did not have the money to buy any.

“The Hispanic male then stated to them, ‘well, if you don’t have any money to spend on weed, then you can just have this,’” the affidavit stated. “They asked the Hispanic male what this was and he stated it was Mexican Weed. Christopher then stated that ‘okay, if you are just giving it to us, we will take it.’”

The affidavit stated a couple of days later, a friend stopped by Newton’s home and said the marijuana was just “trim.” Newton then asked his friend what to do with it, the affidavit stated.

“He advised that you don’t need to throw it in the trash because you can get in trouble for it,” the affidavit stated. “His Buddy stated ‘you need to burn it.’”

The affidavit states Newton said he then put it in the refrigerator and forgot about it being there when he had the landlord take the refrigerator in for repairs.

Police tested the substance and said it tested positive for marijuana and determined it weighed 5.6 pounds.