With Marijuana On Way To Legalization, What Vice Could Be Next

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Four years ago, I decided to fix Atlantic City’s problems. So I suggested in this column that marijuana be legalized along the boardwalk as a gimmick to draw customers to the quickly fading resort.

I’ve always been in favor of medical marijuana, but this would be just-for-fun-pot. Many readers were appalled by my suggestion. You’d think I was suggesting that slots aren’t a good investment.

So, it is amazing to me how in just a few years attitudes have changed, with Massachusetts soon making marijuana legal and New York and many other states considering doing the same. It’s amazing how the need for more tax revenue quickly changes attitudes about things once considered illegal and immoral.

The problem is, we are running out of vices to legalize. Can legalized prostitution be far behind?

I’m not saying I support that. I’m just pandering.