CA: Canine Cannabis – San Diego’s New Marijuana Product, For Dogs

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Medical marijuana has been used for years by humans to treat different ailments.

Now, a San Diego company is making cannabis supplements available to pets.

Ian Quinn is the CEO of Phyto Animal Health. He started the cannabis company to help his best friend Dante when the pit bull was three years old and already showing signs of aging hips and joints.

“Because we are hemp and we are low THC, the animals do not get high. They are not going to have conversations with butterflies and dolphins and thinks like that. They will get the support they need for their cannabinoid system so they will get healthier joints, better flexibility, stress management because of balance neurological behaviors,” he said.

Quinn said Dante improved not only physically but mentally. Dante is a rescue from a kill shelter and suffered PTSD.

Now, he works as an emotional support animal at local VA clinics along with being “spokes-dog” for Phyto, which launched nationwide this year.

“It is the green revolution that is happening. We are not marijuana though. We are hemp seed and that is why we are legal across the country and in 40 different countries,” said Quinn.

For now, the supplements are available in specialty pet shops and help dogs, cats and horses.

The goal is to soon expand into big box retailers.

“In many ways they can support healthy joints and hips – which is similar to glucosamine. It promotes cardiovascular function, as well as neurological stuff that helps with stress and anxiety – like animals responding to fireworks,” said Quinn.