Can You Get Faster Relief From Vaping CBD Oil

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

CBD is currently one of the most popular and promising all-natural medications and it can be taken in a couple of different ways. You can add CBD oil to your diet, drink it directly or use different types of ointments and lotions. However, if you’re looking for the fastest relief from pain, the best way to go is vaping.

Various research suggests that vaping is the fastest and most efficient way to take CBD. When you vape the oil, the CBD in it enters your bloodstream directly through your lungs while the vaporizer heats the oil just enough for it to release the active compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve pain.

The main difference between inhaling CBD through vaporization and consuming it in any different way is the time that it takes for it to take effect. Patients who vaped the oil have reported a relief in just five to ten minutes, while the ones who took a different approach said it took from 45 minutes to a whole hour for their symptoms to subside. The time CBD needs to take effect depends on bioavailability.

What is bioavailability and why is it important?

To understand why vaping is the best way to ingest CBD, first, we have to explain what bioavailability is and how it works. When someone ingests any sort of substance (no matter if it was orally or by inhalation), only a certain percentage of it actually reaches the person’s bloodstream and has the desired effect. Some substances can have up to 80% bioavailability but that’s rarely the case. Most of the time, only 10%-15% of any given substance actually reaches your bloodstream, and this applies to most over the counter medication as well.

So, when we talk about bioavailability here, we’re talking about the percentage of CBD that enters your body after the use of a CBD infused product, and it depends mostly on the way you ingest the product. For instance, if you take CBD orally it has a bioavailability of approximately 15%. It has such a low percentage because CBD has to pass through the digestive tract and the liver where the enzymes will reduce the concentration of CBD’s bioactive compounds. Another thing that happens when you take CBD orally is that the fatty tissues collect most of the compound, which means very little of it actually reaches the bloodstream.  Therefore people who have taken CBD oil orally have to wait such a long time to feel relief.

On the other hand, CBD vape oil allows a bioavailability of 50%-60%, which is the highest bioavailability of CBD that can reach the bloodstream. When you vape, the CBD enters your system through the lungs, which means that it completely bypasses the digestive system and reaches your bloodstream immediately. Since the loss of CBD which is caused by ingestion is avoided, vaping leads to a much faster pain relief. Vaping has been shown to be the most effective way of using CBD as a pain relief method and this is why it’s becoming the most popular way to take CBD.