The Connection Between CBD Oil And Better Sleep

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Insomnia is a common issue among people today and several factors contribute to sleeping issues like stress, diet, chronic pain, asthma or nasal/sinus issues. Sleeping pills are a traditional solution but come with unwanted side effects and can comprise overall health. People who suffer from insomnia are continuously seeking alternative therapies that are natural and more affordable than sleeping pills.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural alternative to sleeping pills is now legalized in several states across America. CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, accountable for all the homeostatic functions of the body. CBD regulates balance and homeostasis in the human body. Additionally, CBD is an anti-anxiolytic which fights off anxiety, a huge influence in horrible sleep patterns.

REM sleep plays a major role in keeping up with health because it’s during REM when your blood flows and diverts to your muscles, giving time and space for your brain to take a break. Without consistent REM sleep, your brain is not getting the rest that it needs. Researchers have released favorable data in the role of CBD in the REM sleep phase and believe CBD is successful in regulating REM sleep.

This information is exciting for those suffering from insomnia. CBD could have a more effective role in sleep regulation and is more natural than addictive, tolerance-building sleeping pills. As these are early findings that need to be followed up with more studies on humans, the research is pointing toward CBD as a natural sleep supplement.