FL: Straight Talk About Medical Marijuana

Photo Credit: Brandi Fullwood

I have previously expressed my feelings about legalized usage of medical marijuana. Regularly, comments are printed from those who have no knowledge about uses and values of marijuana. I urge them to research and consider facts.

Once again, our “leaders” decided against dispensaries in Citrus County with ridiculous reasoning and obvious pain-free views. I hope all protesters never realize debilitating agony, never feel like giving up because nothing helps their aching body, and never pray to die.

Pharmaceutical medicines are legally prescribed by licensed medical professionals. It is a fact, our nation has a serious epidemic regarding opioids (addictive and frequently prescribed). I’ve never heard of a medical marijuana epidemic. Someone, please explain why it’s okay to prescribe drugs known to cause dizziness, nausea, cramps, heart failure and organ

malfunction, including death. Lengthy, detailed, shocking information is enclosed with these “wonder drugs,” including mood, personality and attitude change warnings.

Simply, the liver cannot process these poisons productively and everything swallowed must travel through the liver.

Marijuana? No problem. Why do I not hear objections voicing concern about over-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs? With so many class-action lawsuits, something must be wrong! Various drugs require regular blood tests to make sure they haven’t destroyed the liver. Drug upon drug to treat problems suffered from taking other drugs are used without question, yet those who are ill-advised will stand against what causes no after effects and may actually be helpful. Is this because these objectors do not suffer and are fortunate to take absolutely zero drugs?

Marijuana is not for everyone and pharmaceutical drugs are certainly necessary in some cases. There are numerous natural, healthy ways to heal, ease and help those afflicted with medical issues, but most patients are not informed.

The assumption that a medical marijuana dispensary would create other drug problems is ludicrous. Look around and realize Citrus County has a major illegal drug problem, including prescription drugs (opioids), and it’s not going away.

Medical marijuana users are not “druggies.” They are the young and elderly who attend church, shop for groceries, and watch football games. They are our friends, neighbors and family members. They hurt; they suffer.

It’s a four-hour trip to the Tampa dispensary, plus $50 for fuel and tolls. No one can be sent to pick up medical marijuana; identifications are checked before entering, and wandering inside to browse is not permitted. Dispensaries must conform to strict rules and are scrutinized by governmental watchdogs constantly.

I do not and have never smoked anything, including killer tobacco products which are seriously addictive and deadly. I am a responsible person and do not operate a vehicle if I feel even slightly impaired (drugs or not). I have never been drunk or stoned — never.

I will quietly eat a tiny piece of my “special” brownie before I go to bed and, as I feel the excruciating pain subside, allowing me to rest comfortably for a few hours, I will thank God for His creations and gifts. This includes the cannabis plant — a.k.a., marijuana.