IN: Doctors And Business Owners Hope To Clear Confusion Between CBD And THC

Photo Credit: AP

You may soon see CBD products on store shelves while you’re out shopping.

It’s a cannabis compound that some say has significant medical benefits.

After more than nine months of confusion and controversy, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill officially legalizing the sale of CBD.

There’s some confusion on what CBD is.

CBD is one of the two major components of hemp. The other is THC, the part of marijuana that gets you high.

But doctors and business owners say they hope they can clear up that confusion.

They say CBD as a medicine is almost too good to be true.

“Here’s me when I pull my hands up and you can see the shaking, especially because I’ve had coffee today!” said Ambrosia Lafluer, CBD user.

Lafluer has essential tremor. It’s a neurological disorder.

“It’s a hindrance and it’s just a minor inconvenience for me but I don’t realize I guess how much it affects my everyday life until, with the CBD oil, I realized I wasn’t shaking anymore,” said Lafluer.

Lafluer isn’t the only one discovering CBD as a medical treatment.

“Phenomenal for example with depression. Great for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder. MS researchers out west have actually even said the use of CBD oil over a given period of time will drop your incidence of type two diabetes by 66-percent which is unheard of,” said Joe Kunzer, chiropractor.

“CBD was mainly designed specifically for cancer patients. It was clinically proven to prolong and stun the growth rate of cancer cells in your body,” said Jose Manuel Alejandre, Vape N Smoke general manager.

Until recently, it wasn’t clear if CBD could be sold in Indiana.

A lot of people believe all CBD comes from the marijuana plant.

“Not always the case. Obviously the most potent form is derived from marijuana, but you can get isolate, organic CBD derived from hemp which is exactly what our constitution is written on,” said Alejandre.

Alejandre says the CBD products at Vape N Smoke are all derived from industrialized hemp.

So It doesn’t have any THC in it, the part that gets you high.

“It has a little stigma to it and I think that stigma is, like we’re moving past it slowly,” said Lafluer.

“If you are indeed lacking in that knowledge, you’re going to be one step behind everyone else who’s moving and you’re supposed to take steps forward, not backward,” said Alejandre.

“I really think that CBD oil, in the next five years, will be on everybody’s bedstand. It will be that big,” said Kunzer.

Alejandre says you don’t have to smoke CBD to get the health benefits.

Lafluer puts drops of the oil under her tongue.

But, you can use CBD almost any way you want. You can even buy a pre-packaged mac and cheese meal and eat it with dinner.