KY: Struggling In A Battle With Crohn’s Disease, Local Man Finds A Reprieve With CBD Oil

Photo Credit: Jordan Ferrell

Just months ago, you wouldn’t find Tyler Blanton walking around town.

“I had three bowel resections, and I was on Humira, Remicade [and] Rrednisone,” he said. “I was very sick. My daily life on any front was bed, class, back to bed. I avoided food on any front. Chicken soup would give me a stomach ache.”

He has Crohn’s disease, and all those pills made it worse. He would battle a migraine on top of the disease.

“Every time I took Humira, I would get a crippling migraine for about two weeks,” he said.

His doctor told his mother “the muscular cramps I was experiencing every day were the same muscular cramps as a woman going into labor, and that was every day, up to three times a day, every time I ate food.”

He tried a remedy over the counter. It’s a different kind of treatment and one he said might give people the wrong idea. He uses CBD oil.

Owner of Seeds and Greens, Stacey Freibert, said it helps with all kinds of ailments from arthritis to anxiety.

“People don’t know the difference between marijuana, which contains THC, and industrial hemp and CBD oil derived from hemp,” Freibert said. “But they do not contain THC.”

CBD Oil is legal, but it wasn’t always in Indiana. A bill recently passed allowing stores like Seeds and Greens to sell it. Farmers grow it and people use it as a plant-based alternative to painkillers, which is something Blanton couldn’t picture his life without at just 21 years old.

Freibert sells it for three reasons: health benefits, environmental benefits and even a way to battle the Opioid crisis.