MD: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Pikesville

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Now that Maryland’s medical marijuana laws are in place, more and more dispensaries are opening and patients are lining up to get their prescriptions filled.

The line outside was long Friday, and it was standing room only in the waiting area at Friday’s grand opening of Temescal Wellness in Pikesville. Temescal Wellness is one of a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries to open around the state, and business is booming.

“I found that cannabis over the years, I was purchasing (it) illegally, but it alleviated a lot of my symptoms. It’s not a cure-all, but … it’s very effective for what it does,” said Anthony Vizcarrondo, a patient who suffers from mental and physical ailments. He said prescription drugs didn’t work for him.

Charles Henson, who said he suffers from chronic migraines, said it’s a game changer.

“I’ve been interested in the program pretty much since they said they were going to roll it out. (I) got my card as soon as I could and basically was just waiting,” Henson said.

“Our patients have waited too long as it is. Our patients need consistent, reliable access to high-quality cannabis products,” Temescal Wellness CEO Ted Rebholz said.

Patients have to show their medical cannabis cards, which are then checked on a state database. Then, a patient services associate escorts them to the point of sale area, where they can purchase four different strains of marijuana packaged in pre-rolled joints, loose leaf, wax or extractions for vaporizing. Patients pay with cash or a debit card.

“Each of our bodies is going to react to cannabis differently, and we want to make sure when that patient leaves here, they ingest that cannabis as safely and efficiently as possible,” Rebholz said.

Security is at a premium with double-locking doors at every secure point.

Ultimately, Rebholz said his business is part of a revolution in Maryland aimed at comforting people who suffer from chronic illnesses.

“This train has left the station. I think everyone appreciates that this is a positive thing for patients and a positive thing for society, and I think we all know the direction this is going in,” Rebholz said.