Medical Marijuana Becoming Election Hot Button In Presidential Race

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Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson today praised Rep. Paul Ryan for his willingness to let states decide whether to allow the use of medical marijuana, but added, “Don’t get too excited until we know where Mitt Romney stands.” Responding to a question on a Denver radio show over the weekend, Ryan stated that, while he is personally opposed to medical marijuana, he agrees with allowing states to decide whether to allow it or not. Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado under state law, but the Obama Administration has aggressively sought to close dispensaries in the state.

Johnson has stated that, if elected, he would immediately cease federal enforcement efforts aimed at preventing states from allowing the prescription and use of medical marijuana, and reclassify cannabis to allow its use under the Controlled Substances Act.

Responding to Ryan’s statement, Johnson made the following statement:

“While I applaud Paul Ryan’s words, this is not the first time we have heard a candidate for national office express a willingness to tolerate state medical marijuana laws, so ‘buyer beware’. Barack Obama categorically pledged to not use federal resources to go after medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally under state law, and his Justice Department even issued a memo to that effect. But what’s happened? The Obama Administration has proven to be an even greater enemy to medical marijuana than President George W. Bush.

“We’ve heard Barack Obama’s words, and seen his actions. Now we’ve heard Paul Ryan’s words. And all we really know about Mitt Romney on this issue is that he doesn’t want to talk about it, having rebuffed questions from the media and a medical marijuana patient.

“Medical marijuana may not be an important issue for Gov. Romney, or for any of the other candidates, but it is vitally important to the many Americans who are suffering and who could be helped if the Feds would just get out of the way. Polls show 70 percent of Americans believe states should be free to permit medical marijuana. We need to know where Mitt Romney stands.”

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  1. Romney will probably maintain the same attitude he has expressed all along…zero tolerence on all levels. I havent voted on any level in a very long time butI have registered to vote and intend to start.

  2. You do not need to know where Romney stands. Romney stands where he is told in case you haven’t watched over the years. He looks like an engineered manchurian candidate. Creepo

  3. It’s a human rights issue and both parties are eroding our liberties one by one.

    They know that it’s a legitimate medicine but until it effects their votes they’ll just evade and lie, like they always do.

    I can’t believe that most people in this country still vote for either Dem. or Rep. when it’s so obvious that both are thieves and liars.

    Gary Johnson 2012!!!

  4. So how can the regular Joe stand up and take our country back is the real question. Regular folks that pay the taxes that pay the politicians have no real say. So how do we just all once and for all get this done? We cant refuse to pay taxes we will go to jail for tax evasion, we cant just get the70% that want medical marijuana legalizes to all gather and vote for Johnson because well people are fickle about taking a real stand. How about a MILLION MEDICAL MARIJUANA ADVOCATES VOTERS MARCH ON WASHINGTON? WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO TAKE A REAL STAND FOR HUMANS RIGHT TO MEDICAL TREATMENTS THAT WORK AS MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOES FOR SO MANY PEOPLE! PLEASE GUIDE US AS TO HOW TO ORGANIZE AND GET THIS MATTER ON THE NATIONAL BALLOT FOR THE VOTERS TO DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL. BEFORE OUR PRISONS ARE CROWDED WITH THE SICK TO TERMINALLY SICK FOLKS THAT NEVER ASKED TO BE ILL, YET THEY ARE GOOD LAW BIDING CITIZENS TRYING TO GET BY WITH A LITTLE LESS PAIN, OR TO GET AN APATITE WHEN THEY HAVE AIDS OR CANCER PATIENTS IN KEMO THERAPY SO THEY CAN EAT AND NOT VOMIT. IM WILLING TO DO MY PART TO HELP. JUST NEED GUIDENCE

  5. IMHO opinion legalizing sales is bad for everyone. When $$$$$$$$ is involved everything gets wrong :(
    SAY NOT TO SALE, either by state or private parties.
    If sales are legal, the same wealthy & close minded people that prohibited will see millions of $$$$$ in the business and get even wealthier because of greed.
    Besides, I don’t want Monsanto to own and patent every Cannabis strain in the earth, I don’t want big tobacco companies get richer again after all the damage socially & economically & health related they have done.
    Think before voting YES to legalize. If you can, ask for a change in the law.

  6. It break my heart to see that people supporting medical marijuana who do not know the facts. For the presidential candidate Gary Johnson. If you do not know where Romney stands you need to craw out of wherever you have been hiding and open your eyes. The statement where Romney stands is about like saying marijuana makes white women sleep with black men. Please if you do not know the facts pack your toys and go home we do not need you when you spout stupidity like that you are hurting more than helping. Check your facts people Romney has made his position on medical marijuana cristal clear for thoes of us with open eyes and ears

  7. It should be no different than the head clippings in my yard after a mow. A little walk through Genesis will tell you all you need to know. Who are you people to think you can regulate what God gave me freely. You must be something special to say you know better than our lord and savior