A Move To Liberalize Strict Medical Marijuana Rules In New Jersey

Photo Credit: Nicholas Belton

There’s talk of legalizing recreational marijuana use in New Jersey. But one legislator is looking to make things easier for those availing themselves of medical marijuana in the state.

The Christie Administration put strict limits on who could get it and how much they could obtain at any one time.

Monmouth County Assemblywoman Joann Downey acted after hearing about a young boy who succumbed to brain cancer, a boy whose parents dealt with the state’s medical marijuana law.

One change she’d like to make is to lift the two ounce a month limit on prescriptions.

“I do think it needs to be a process and protocols needs to be established by those who know better,” Downey told KYW Newsradio.

The bill also allows for edible forms of the drug to be prescribed. Right now, leaves have to be crushed and turned into oils by users.

Downey hopes her bill doesn’t get overrun by those looking to make marijuana legal for adults across the board.

“For right now, I think the concentration on medical marijuana is extremely important because there’s so many people who really do suffer in terms of terminal illnesses or chronic conditions,” she added.

Governor Phil Murphy, who wants to legalize and tax marijuana in New Jersey, has already ordered a review of how medical marijuana is doled out in the state.