New Medical Marijuana Petition Filed For Oklahoma Vote


Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana filed papers with the state Friday indicating their intent to circulate another initiative petition to get the issue on the ballot.

Supporters need 123,725 signatures for the question to be seen by voters. They will have 90 days after a final determination following a protest period to get the signatures.

Supporters hope to get the question on the November 2016 general election ballot.

Oklahomans for Health circulated a petition last year that fell significantly short of the number of signatures needed.

The current version will be circulated by Green the Vote. The group is based in Tulsa but has a Haskell mailing address.

Isaac Caviness of Tulsa, president of Green the Vote, said the two groups are different but that their petitions were similar.

Many members of his group worked on the prior effort to get the issue on the ballot, he said.
“It’s completely patient driven,” he said of the effort.

The organization, which has a Facebook page, plans to circulate the petition at state fairs in Tulsa and Oklahoma City as well as at college football games.

The ballot title for the measure would classify marijuana as a herbal drug to be regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Health.

It would permit the use of marijuana under the recommendation of a doctor, and it would allow for the sale of marijuana to licensed patients by licensed dispensaries.

Tax proceeds would first go to pay for regulation and then go to the Oklahoma Department of Education and the Oklahoma Department of Health.

The proposed law would allow for local municipalities to levee additional taxes on medical marijuana to build and repair roads.

“I do not support legalization of broadly defined ‘medicinal’ marijuana use that makes it easy for healthy adults and children to find and buy drugs,” Gov. Mary Fallin said in a statement released by her office.

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  1. Come on people I don’t no how many of you feel like I do I’m 38an I’m stuck taking opiates the rest of my life they are my worst nightmare but yet I have to have my meds everyday cause I’m sick an in pain without them I can’t go on trips unless I got enough medicine to take with me in the beginning of me taking opiates they took away my pain gave me tons of energy an made me happy now its not even close to that it’s like I’m only taking them to feel normal an not be sick an I’m totally drained with no energy its like almost withdrawals while taking the meds its like if I don’t hit a certain amount of mgs I’m not feeling right so why can’t we ban together an vote yes an get medical cannabis legal in the state of Virginia I’m always hearing all the states around us like oh look another state goes legal our state capital is even legal so come on people lets live a long happy life by legalizing medical cannabis in Virginia an get off these meds that we think is helping us but yet slowly killing us death of medical cannabis zero but deaths of opiates is very high I vote yes for medical cannabis in Virginia how many people are with me on this if you vote yes then keep passing this around to friends family the big people of Washington DC an vote yes for medical cannabis in Virginia thanks an lets be heard Kenneth

  2. 15yrs on Opioids are killing me.
    Where can I sign & help collect signatures?
    Doctors & opioids are killing people by 1000s!
    Time we get this done, pull Oklahoma out of 1920s racism mindset.