North Carolina: Dad With Epileptic Daughter Thrilled Over New CBD Oil Law


It’s something Dylan Morley has waited on for a long time, a law that allows him to legally get a strain of medical marijuana oil for his daughter.

Mia Morley, 7, suffers from intractable epilepsy. She is not able to walk or talk, and can experience multiple seizures in just a few minutes.

On Thursday, Governor Pat McCrory signed N.C. House Bill 766 into law. This means cannabis oils will be legal in North Carolina starting August 1.

Morley says it’s a much better bill than one that previously traveled through the House and Senate.

“I’m really excited about the new structure of the bill,” Morley says. “The way the last one was written kind of made it difficult to access for all the families that might be in need and this new bill will make it a lot easier.”

In March 2014, the Morley’s moved to Colorado where the CBD oils were already legal. They recently moved back to Wilmington. Morley says that while his daughter still doesn’t speak or walk on her own, they have seen a decrease in seizures.

Governor McCrory’s signature gives the green light for board-certified neurologists across the state to recommend CBD oils to patients like Mia. The oils cannot be prescribed and pharmacies will not have them stocked. the Morley’s will have theirs shipped from Colorado.

Morley says the new law will change lives.

“There are countless families out there with children suffering and that’s a painful thing to watch–a child suffering everyday,” Morley says. “So I’m extremely thankful to the people who put in all the hard work to get the bill passed.”

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