NV: Pet Owners Turning To CBD To Treat Pets

Photo Credit: GrayTVinc

Recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Nevada. Now, more people are using CBD products to help their pets.

Natasha Wolf has a 16-year-old dog named Molly. Molly has constant seizures.

“Usually the way her seizures go is she starts real stiff and has no control over her body and her mind just checks out,” said Wolf.

Wolf took Molly to a vet and was given liquid Valium to help with Molly’s seizures.

“I did not like the way she reacted to the Valium,” said Wolf, “She was tripping out so I decided that was not something we were going to use.”

Wolf turned to CBD Oil. She uses product from Seven Leaf Pets

“So I got some (CBD Oil) and started putting it on her food twice a day and it really cut down on her seizures,” said Wolf.

Veterinarians cannot legally prescribe CBD or marijuana products because it is still illegal under federal law.

Veterinarian and Cardiologist Stacy Hosking says many of her clients still use CBD products to treat their pets.

“I would say at least once to twice a week I see clients using Cannabinoids for their pet,” says Hosking.

Hosking said research on CBD usage for animals has started, but there have not been any big-scale studies on its effects on animals.

“Unfortunately we do not have a lot of scientific data to go by, but if clients are interested, I think it does have potential use as far as pain control, seizures, mobility, and appetite,” says Hosking “So I think it does have some interesting potential use.”

CBD can have very low percentage of THC or none at all, but if THC content is added into the CBD product, it could have some side effects for dogs. If a dog consumes too much THC, they develop a condition called Static Ataxia.

“They stand with a broad-base stance, they weave back and forth, they are very tired, they have very dilated pupils and they dribble urine,” says Hosking. ” They do not have fun.”

Hosking says pet owners should feel free to discuss CBD usage for their animals with their veterinarians.

“I think we should open the door to having that conversation so we can help owners with what to watch for, how to safely titrate the dose and potential indications were it could be useful,” says Hosking.

For Wolf, using CBD to treat her pet works for her.

“My parents get it for their dog, my mother-in-law gets it for her dog and they all have amazing stories from it so…” said Wolf.

As with any decision surrounding your pet’s health, it is best to talk to your veterinarian before making any decisions.